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Amsterdam City Guide

Hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam mixes traditional Dutch culture with 21st century international diversity.

Check out things to do in Amsterdam from the blog the next time you are in the Dutch capital. Wander its small streets and motor down its canals to discover more than fifty museums, historical sights, charming boutiques, world class Amsterdam hotels and avant garde design, not to mention countless nightlife possibilities.

Amsterdam's Best Boutique Hotels

The newly designed Rijksmuseum is open and Amsterdam is ready for a renaissance. We designed a graphic guide of the perfect boutique hotels to spend a stylish weekend in. It’s time to visit the Amsterdam, the „Venice of the North“. Follow this link to have a look at some amazing boutique hotels in Amsterdam for designers and those with an eye for design.


Great European City

Amsterdam is both the capital city and the largest city in the country known as The Netherlands. As one of the oldest cities in Europe, it has a fantastic history and one of the most unique layouts as well, since there are a number of canals that run through Amsterdam.

In recent years, Amsterdam has grown in stature as an international banking and finance center, with a number of large banks as well as many of the top Fortune 500 companies headquartered there.

Amsterdam is serviced by Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which is one of the hubs of Europe for many who are heading to other destinations in SE Asia or India. The city also has a well-established transport system of rail and tram. However, most residents get around almost exclusively via bicycle.

Top Cultural City

Amsterdam is known all throughout Europe, as well as the world, for being the home of many fantastic cultural experiences, especially in art and museums. As it was home to some of history's most influential artists, the art museum scene in Amsterdam is really top notch.

Many visitors will head to the Museumplein, also known as the Museum Square. It is here where many of the best museums are located like the Rijksmuseum which is the center for the biggest collections of Dutch art. For more in great art, visitors also love going to the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, which is the spot for modern art.

Some of the other cultural museums that are a must see are the Anne Frank House, the Amsterdam Museum, and the Resistance Museum, also known as the Verzetsmuseum.

Musical History

Amsterdam is also well known for its musical history. The city boasts some of the best jazz clubs in the world, like the Bimhuis and Ziggo Dome that have been played at by many jazz greats.

The city is also known for its great DJs and electronic music, offering many wonderful opportunities for nightlife. Some of the biggest DJs like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren will play at venues like Melkweg and Paradiso, old factories that have been turned into clubs and dance venues.