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Beijing – 2,500 years of History Arouse a Spirit of Discovery

Beijing is a very special travel destination with it being 2,500 years old. From the Forbidden City that is shrouded in mystery to the Mao-Mausoleum and the Great Wall - hardly any other city in the world is associated with the same exciting history as in Beijing.

Around Half the World with the Trans-Siberian Railway

The majority of German airports offer daily flights to Beijing. From there, you can reach the city centre within 20 minutes by taxi or bus when travelling outside the peak hours. For those who place more emphasis on style and who are not in a rush, they can also travel to Beijing with the famous Trans-Siberian Railway.

Out and about on the longest Wall in the World

When people think of China, then one of the first associations is certainly the Great Wall. This structure of over 8,000 kilometers, comprises one of the seven wonders of the earth and it once served as a protection for the nomadic Mongolians and Tatars. If you want, you can follow their route from Beijing to the Gobi desert in the West.

The Tiananmen Square, better known as the „the square of heavenly peace“, is a term mostly used no later than since the student demonstrations in 1989. On this central parade ground, you can attend the ceremony of hoisting the national flag which takes place every morning.

Once through the Forbidden City

You will learn a lot about the culture of Beijing with a visit to the “Imperial Palace” of the „Forbidden City“. The emperor of the Ming Dynasty resided in the enormous palace complex. In the 960 meter long complex, 9999 impressive rooms are just waiting to be discovered.

Indeed, it also highly recommendable that you visit one of the many museums for contemporary art, better still you can learn about the art scene in Beijing by going to the artists quarters in the city such as the Jiuchang or Caochangdi .

Imperial-Royal Cuisine in an Exclusive Atmosphere

The food from the entire country is represented in the capital city of China which includes in particular the Mongolian lamb hot pot and of course the Beijing Duck which is named after the city. The latter is served in the luxurious Fangshan Restaurant in Beihai Park which has lots of additional imperial-royal cuisine on the menu and whose recipe was a well-kept secret for a long time. These dishes are situated within the higher price category.

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