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Grunwald: The Gorgeous Green Forest

Few people would guess that a small German town resting beneath a thick blanket of verdant forest is the German equivalent to Hollywood. Grunwald, master of surprises it turns out, is. Home to the Bavaria Film Studios, the quaint and quintessential town boasts a selection of influential and internationally renowned residents. This influx of the rich and famous has therefore provided the town with a cosmopolitan and classy cultural scene; however the ancient has been nurtured with the painstaking preservation of classic architecture and traditional cuisine.

A Commanding Castle

Emitting its solemn gaze over the gentle Isar River and green town of Grunwald, the commanding Grunwald Castle is an arresting vision upon its hilltop perch. Terracotta roves top an austere, stone façade designed to deter the thousands of invaders set on threatening this fortified town. Used as both a prison and an ammunition depot in the past, the castle is steeped in rich history and is now home to a section of the Archaeological National Museum, a captivating collection of ancient artefacts and remarkable relics.

Movie Madness

An integral activity on any Grunwald itinerary is a visit to the internationally renowned Bavaria Filmstadt; here, magical movies come to life as visitors take a tour of the sets and prop collections of the well established movies. Guided tours are approximately 90 minutes, and meander through decade’s worth of films and T.V series.

Cosmopolitan Cuisine

In order to cater for the cosmopolitan palettes of the rich and famous, Grunwald offers an excellent selection of refined restaurants; dine upon prime quality produce at the Alter Wit, an elegant eatery dedicate to solely serving organic produce. Bavarian cuisine is given an international twist and the most sublime signature dish is undoubtedly the malt beer glazed pork, which is slowly roasted and served with field fresh vegetables. (Marktplatz 1 82031 Grünwald, Germany )