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Eclectic and Extraordinary Triberg im Schwarzwald

Housed in the mystical and magnificent heart of the Black Forest, Triberg im Schwarzwald is a culturally rife and charismatic town in which natural and architectural wonders reside. With its rushing waterfalls, incredible museums and historic half-timbered houses, Triberg im Schwarzwald is a place that epitomises the essence of German culture. Wander verdant and visionary hiking trails; stroll along the scenic streets that burst with quintessential quaintness; or sample regional delicacies prepared using the foraged ingredients from the bounteous black forest.

A Wondrous Waterfall and a Colossal Clock

Proximate to the tantalising town is the Triberg Falls, one of Germany’s highest waterfalls. The rushing Gutach River plunges down rocky crevices and a steep hillside in order to create one of the region’s most dramatic natural spectacles.

Another one of Triberg’s most spectacular sights is the wolrd’s largest Cuckoo Clock, a charming and colossal structure whose sensational size has made it the world record holder. A chirping cuckoo emerges from the clock every 15 minutes.

A Captivating Cultural Contribution

Transport yourself back into the prosperous past with a visit to the Schwarzwaldmuseum, a captivating collection of artefacts that speak eloquently of the region’s inspiring historic heritage. Highlights include carved clocks, musical machines, peasant costumes and ancient fossils, all of which are creatively displayed in this airy and artfully lit space.

Gourmet Gastronomy

Enjoy a gourmet gastronomic experience at the Parkhotel Wehrle, a luxurious and refined restaurant in which classic dishes are given a contemporary and creative twist. Perfectly presented dishes incorporate fine, locally sourced ingredients in order to offer a traditional taste of the Black Forest’s culinary bounty. (Gartenstraße 24, 78098 Triberg, Germany)