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The Gothic Grandeur of Whitby

Whitby is town of seaside splendour and Gothic grandeur that inspired one of the most seminal English novels in history. The atmospheric architecture, glittering harbour and first class fare of the convivial town entices thousands of visitors every year, who leave feeling refreshed and inspired by the stunning scenery and unique attractions.

The Vampiric and Venerated Abbey

Begin your day with a visit to the arresting ruins of Whitby Abbey; the majestic structure is set on a high headland above the seaside town and affords visitors who climb the 199 steps stunning vistas of the coast. In the visitor centre, discover the Abbey's rich history and emulate the daily routine of the monks who once called the building home. Continue to explore the atmospheric landmarks of the town with a visit to the Chruch of St,. Mary, situated beside the abbey and bursting with fascinating features; as the sun sets, the ray's reflection upon the two windows of the clock tower give the eerie effect of two red eyes, a scene depicted beautifully in Bram Stoker's Dracula. The elaborate headstones in the graveyard further reveal Whitby's rich heritage. Return to seal level to explore the town's magnificent maritime heritage by entering the Captain Cook Memorial Museum within the quaint 17th century house upon the glittering harbour. Explore the attic in which Cook began planning his maiden voyage, read handwritten correspondences between Cook and his acquaintances and marvel at the miniature delicacy of countless ship models.

Seaside Splendour

for lunch, enjoy Whitby's signature speciality of fish and chips; Quayside fish and Chips has one countless awards for the premium quality of their ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. Enjoy either a traditional tray of crispy, freshly caught fish or sample the delicate flavours of Quayside's fish cakes with a zesty chilli sauce for a delectable alternative. One of Whitby's most alluring attractions is undoubtedly the sprawling, sandy shores of West Cliff Beach. The expansive beach is a perfect place for an afternoon wander, and visitors who follow the curve of the coast for a short while will discover the small and secluded Tate Hill Beach. Continue to stroll until you reach the stunning summit of the West Cliff, where the Whalebone Arch pays homage to Whitby's intricate connection to the ocean. Gaze through the bones for a picture perfect vista of the Abbey and the Church standing resplendent upon the opposite cliff.

Wander the West Pier and Harness the Maritime Beauty of the Harbour

Wander to the end of the West Pier to enjoy the transcendental tranquillity imposed by Whitby's ragged coastline, crashing waves and Gothic splendour. Once at the end, turn around to absorb the town's architectural majesty, imagining you're a homecoming soldier disembarking an imposing ship. As the sun begins to surrender, enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the quaint Harbour, watching fishermen hauling the days catches to shore. Follow the bounteous bags of freshly caught fish on their journey to the steamy kitchens of The Fisherman's Wife for sumptuous selections of fresh seafood. Sample the queen scallops smothered in garlic butter or the decadent fresh oysters to start, moving on the simple yet highly satisfying dishes of haddock, breaded scampi and the famous Yorkshire fish cake.
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