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Snow Smothered Semmering

Hailed as one of Austria’s most picturesque and popular ski resorts, the snow-smothered slopes and self-contained charisma of Semmering make it an ideal place in which to enjoy adrenaline fuelled adventure and picturesque idyll. Amidst the alpine beauty resides a splendid smattering of historic landmarks and alluring architectural examples; quaint chapels, grand villas and magnificent monuments are just a select few landmarks sure to satisfy cultural connoisseurs. Luxurious hotels and state of the art ski facilities ensure every expectation is surpassed and satisfied in this authentic Austrian gem.

Consecrated Beauty

The quaint and consecrated structure of Semmering Church creates a star architectural contrast to the modern grandeur of the hotel beside it. Perched upon a hilltop and surrounded by verdant greenery, the interior of the building is even more impressive than the exterior; an amalgamation of styles has resulted in a dazzling dome, prismatic stained glass windows and illuminated shrines.

Beside the church resides the Priest’s House, a charming wooden building enshrouded by trees. Elaborate embellishment and dynamic design make this building a perfect accompaniment to the quaint church.

A Visionary Villa

An incredible example of Austrian art-nouveau architecture is the Semmering Villa, a talismanic building whose turrets and richly decorated façade create an arresting image. Enjoy the elaborate design that is enhanced by blooming flower boxes for an aesthetic insight into the village’s rich history.

A Regal Restaurant

For the best dining experience in the area, you will have to drive a little bit. Dine amidst the historically rich walls of a restaurant famed for its regal diners. The Berghaus Hochschneeberg is a rustic and remarkable place in which to enjoy some of the region’s most splendid specialities; sample the robust flavours of perfectly cooked game dishes before concluding with the crisp, spiced pastry of a dessert considered a delicacy. (Hochschneeberg, Nummer, 7 Berghaus, 2734 Hochschneeberg, Austria )