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The Alpine Ambience of Schoppernau

Set amidst dramatic and majestic alpine mountains, the quaint and quintessential town of Schoppernau offers an enticing array of outdoor activities. In this remarkable recreation ground, adventurers can hike sloping mountain sides, discover the fascinating flora and fauna of the forest or soar besides rushing rivers on exhilarating mountain bike rides. Those seeking more serenity than sweat will delight in the fabulous tourist facilities of the town; sleek and state of the art cable cars transport visitors to mountain summits, allowing every type of person to enjoy panoramic vistas and vertiginous vantage points.

Alluring Outdoor Activities

Depending upon which season embraces the earth with its weather; Schoppernau is either a winter wonderland or hiking mecca. As soon as the first snow falls, millions of skiers flock to the region in order to enjoy world class slopes and outdoor activities. In the spring time sunshine, Nordic walking trails offer panoramic vistas and cultural highlights with their ancient sculptures, intricate carvings and divine natural splendour. Wander the flower filled meadows and picturesque pastures to absorb the wonderful alpine ambience.

A Sacred Structure

A sacred structure characteristic of Schoppernau’s imitable architectural style is undoubtedly the village’s Parish Church. With its granite coloured domes and skyward white towers, the church creates an arresting image that is enhanced by the rural beauty of the mountainous back drop.

Regional Delights

Enjoy some of the region’s finest and most fabulous foods at the Neuhornbachhaus Restaurant, an excellent eatery set amidst magnificent mountainous scenery. As you could imagine, the restaurant’s sublime situation ensures it serves only the most delightful and delicious cuisine sourced directly from the scenic surroundings; sample roasted lamb rump and rich beef broths in order to appease an appetite for authenticity. (Neuhornbach 258, Schoppernau, Austria)