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Scharbeutz Beach Mecca on the Baltic Sea

Scharbeutz is a municipality in Schleswig Holstein. It belongs to the district Ostholstein and it lies on the Lübecker bay, directly on the Baltic Sea. Since 1970, Scharbeutz has been a recognised seaside spa town, which has been beneficial for tourism in the local area. Since the 21st Century, it has ranked time and again as one of the top 10 in Schleswig Holstein. The majority of tourists come from Germany in order to find peace and relaxation here. The beach promenade of Scharbeutz resembles those found in the Mediterranean but the North German character is omnipresent.

Journey to Scharbeutz

The motorway A 1 leads to the town and thus you can travel from all directions to Scharbeutz. From Hamburg, you can also travel on the main road 432. The Scharbeutz railway station is regularly frequented. The next ICE stop is in Lübeck. You should also land in Lübeck if you arrive by plane. From Lübeck airport it is approx. 20 km to Scharbeutz.

The Structure of Scharbeutz

The municipality of Scharbeutz is comprised of 10 districts. The main towns of Scharbeutz and Pönitz also belong to it. For years on end the number of inhabitants stagnated and with the building of a new housing estate from the year 2000, it obtained new inhabitants. In particular, it is young people, families and children that move to the district.

Klingberg is a completely different district compared with the rest in Scharbeutz. It is surrounded by several mixed woodlands. Klingenberg is located on the large Pönitzer See “Pönitzer lake” and it is set apart from the Lübecker bay. Here the number of tourists is considerably lower than everywhere else. The district is rather inhabited by local residents, businesses etc. are rare.

Tourist Attractions in Scharbeutz Apart from the Sea

The beach and the sea definitely make Scharbeutz a popular tourist destination. However, apart fromthese attractions, the municipality has a few other tourist attractions to offer which are a must-see for people staying there. Gut Garkauis an example of how nature still plays a very important role on the Lübecker bay. The farm in the district of Klingenberg is still worked today as it was before. It is under a preservation order. The agricultural building was constructed between 1924 and 1926. Five buildings belong to the property, which were positioned around the courtyard. The Gerkau estate is considered to be an example of organic farming.

Gut Sierhagenis also worth taking a look at. Today, a space has emerged where the old estate nursery used to be and in which the biodiversity of the world of flowers can be explored in more detail. In particular there are a lot of roses, in all of their colours and species, to be found on the estate.

Discover Culture in Scharbeutz

The Museum für Regionalgeschichtein Pönitz is regarded in the area as being well worth a visit.

The history of the museum began in the year 1988 as a workshop. Today, the collection has grown dramatically and amongst other things, it demonstrates an archaeological collection from the Stone Age up until our modern era. Significant historical findings have been preserved which date back as far as the year 5000 before Christ. There are also collections from the past epochs of the village history and therefore the early settlement sites of the Lübecker bay are documented. The separate room is also interesting and this deals with interesting machine tools. The collection in the museum is rounded off with a collection of dolls and a collection of toys.

Diverse Food in Scharbeutz

Scharbeutz is well-known for its variety. For that reason, the range of gastronomy is broadly diversified. Whether you would prefer to eat a fish bread roll out of your hands or you would rather let the evening fade away in a gourmet restaurant, Scharbeutz can offer it all.

You can get a nice plate of fish in Haffkrug. In the old fishing village, the Restaurant Muschel can be recommended. The restaurant is designed in a classical and modern way, the meals are Mediterranean andit is tailored towards fish. The chef, a former Michelin star chef, knows his craft and he brings something tasty to the table every day such as fried king prawns. If you would prefer to eat meat, you can order the pork filet which will set you back less than 20 euros.

You could not envisage Scharbeutz without the Herzbergs Restaurant. It has been located in the community for more than 25 years and it can be described as a traditional restaurant. Also here you cannot imagine the menu without fish. The Baltic Sea plaice or the redfish fillet will go down well. For meat lovers, there are also a few things for you here. As well as Schnitzel dishes, there is also a rump steak with side orders and the boiled beef for under 25 euros on the menu.

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