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The Majestic Market Town of Reichenau an der Rax

The majestic mountains that surround the medieval market town of Reichenau an der Rax impose an air of tantalising tranquillity. Teeming with cultural and historical sights and surrounded by natural splendour, the market town is the ideal place in which to enjoy a serene sojourn. A stunning scattering of opulent villas decorate the environs, providing rich reminders of a prosperous heyday; the fabulous facades of these villas create arresting visions of architectural artistry that comes as a pleasant surprise in such a rural area.

Regal Residences

Due to the impossibly picturesque position of Reichenau an der Rax, it was immensely popular with Austrian nobility during the 19th century, encouraging many Emperors to construct regal holiday residences. One of the most notable is undoubtedly Hinterlieten Palace, an epic array of authoritative towers and elaborate patterns that was once used by prominent Austrian royalty.

Delightfully Dramatic

In the social and spiritual heart of Reichenau resides a cultural centre whose performances honour the time old traditions of the area. The Reichenau Theatre hosts performances rooted in creative drama, theatre and music and presents a rich cultural panorama for your enjoyment. Ensure you consult the theatre programmes in advance to avoid disappointment.

Alpine Delicacies

Unanimously hailed as the town’s most rustic and remarkable restaurant, Restaurant Schlosstube serves signature specialities in décor inspired by picturesque provincial perfection. Copious and classic, the fine food is sure to appease an appetite for Austrian authenticity; begin with the creamy pumpkin soup before going on to sample perfectly roasted fillet of venison. (Schlossplatz 15, Reichenau an der Rax, Austria)