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There is a lot to Discover in Oberwiesenthal

The town of Oberwiesenthal is located in the federal state of Saxony only 10 km away from the Czech border. It belongs to the Erz Mountains and it lies at the foot of the Fichtelberg. Oberwiesenthal is situated at a height of 914 metres and it is thus the highest situated town in Germany. Oberwiesenthal cannot only attribute so many overnight tourists to its title as a state-approved health resort, this place is a winter sport number 1 in the Erz Mountains and it was even a leading provider of winter sports on a national scale during the GDR era. Up until the 19th Century, mining was crucial for the city, today it is tourism.

Journey to Oberwiesenthal

The airport in Carlesbad is the nearest to Oberwiesenthal and it takes around 30 minutes to reach. On the German side, the airports of Dresden and Leipzig are still a good distance away. If you want to travel to Oberwiesenthal by car, you can follow the motorways from all directions. From the A 9, A 13, A 72 or A 4, you will come on to the main road B 95 which will bring you through Annaberg-Buchholz and then to Oberwiesenthal.

The Town Structure in Oberwiesenthal

Oberwiesenthal is divided into 5 urban districts. Whereas two of these districts are actually just a house or rather a green space today. The district of Hammerunterwiesenthal came into existence in around 1600 in the surroundings of the Schlössel hammer mill. The hammer mill was definitely a reason why some people wanted to live in close proximity to it. It was in 1997 that the incorporation of the town took place. Since then, the number of inhabitants has been decreasing every year.

Tourist Attractions in Oberwiesenthal

You will not find the kind of lovely buildings in the town centre of Oberwiesenthal that you are otherwise used to seeing on city trips. The town certainly has its own charm which you can see all around the marketplace. With the Martin-Luther-Kirche „Martin Luther Church“ you have a building which is definitely worth seeing given that it is so old. The construction began in the year 1863 and the evangelical church was consecrated in 1866. The church which is built in the neo-gothic style and it first got its name in 1927 when the town was celebrating its 400year old birthday. The church is well-known because the master art wood-carver Carl Hertelt bestowed a Hertelt crib upon the church. Hertelt produced several other cribs which were then sent to European royal courts.

Above all it is the Fichtelberg that is definitely worth seeing. It is not only a good idea during the winter months as this is where sports enthusiasts romp about, but you can also do sports here in summer or just take a stroll. In order to reach the Fichtelberg you can use the Fichtelberg cable car. It is the oldest aerial cableway in Germany and it has been active since 1924. It leads from Oberwiesenthal right up on to the Fichtelberg. The cableway covers 1175 metres and the difference in elevation is 303 metres.

Cultural Highlights in Oberwiesenthal

The museum in the Wiesenthaler K3 gives you an insight into the history of the town of Oberwiesenthal. The permanent exhibition here called „summiteers- a Thal conquers the world”, will tell you all that you need to know about the history of the town and the winter sport. You will get a very descriptive explanation about how the former mountain village became a tourist hotspot. In addition to this, the exhibition shows you everything on the theme of winter sports. There are also exhibits from famous athletes whose tricots and skis are on display, as well as shoes, medals and trophies.

The Meeresaquarium in Oberwiesenthal „sea water aquarium“ is also a colourful distraction in this winter sports resort. Here, you see coral as well as fish of all species which splash about in the 17 metre long coral reef. There are also some very unique species of fish such as scorpion fish, blow fish or moray eels. Another highlight in the sea water aquarium are the living fossils. They will also tell you an underwater story about the past.

Diverse Restaurants in Oberwiesenthal

A tourist spot like Oberwiesenthal has a plethora of restaurants, bars and cafes to offer. The Brauhaus in Oberwiesenthal is a traditional restaurant. The establishment dates back to the year 1535 and since 1969 it has functioned as a restaurant. You will be offered down to earth food and Erzgebirgisch specialties such as roast beef with mushroom sauce and potato dumplings. At 11.40 euros, this is the most expensive dish on the menu. In summer you can enjoy a view of the Fichtelberg.

Another traditional restaurant is the Pension Kaffee König with the restaurant Skistübl. Regional traditional fare and seasonal dishes can be found on the menu. For those with a smaller appetite you can get a Wiener with toast with it and for those who could eat a horse, you can get steaks and meat fishes of all kinds. You can get a rump streak with side orders for less than 14 euros.

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