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Morfelden-Walldorf: Quaint and Cultural

With its rich historical heritage and outstanding collection of half-timbered houses, the town of Morfelden-Walldorf epitomises traditional German culture. Boasting prime location in the vicinity of the sparkling city of Frankfurt, Morfelden-Walldorf is simultaneously a serene escape from the city and a perfect springboard from which to visit it. Excellent museums and interesting monuments all allude to the town’s 9th century origin, while ambient bars and refined restaurant embrace modern sophistication.

An Outstanding Old Town

The half-timbered houses and cobbled st6reets of Morfelden-Walldorf’s outstanding Old Town radiate an antique charm. One of the most notable sights is undoubtedly the Protestant Church, a sacred structure whose origin dates back to the 18th century. Within, a historic organ compliments to fascinating paintings that decorate the seemingly interminable wooden ceilings.

A Magnificent Museum

Morfelden-Walldorf’s illustrious past comes to life in the Museum Morfelden, an intriguing collection of industrial apparatus that speaks articulately of the town’s creative heritage. Realistic replicas of ancient kitchens and workshops transport visitors back to the past while also providing thorough information regarding the techniques employed by skilled workers.

Italian Influences

Morfelden-Walldorf’s culinary scene enjoys a rich Italian influence which is evident in the many pizzerias and pasta houses that decorate the centre. A gourmet and glamorous meal can be enjoyed at Ristorante La Fattoria, an elegant eatery that specialises in classic and contemporary food. Signature dishes include tender tuna steak and juicy lobster with asparagus. ( Jourdanallee 4-6, 64546 Morfelden-Walldorf, Hesse,Germany)