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Luton: A Ancient English Town

Luton is a cultural and charismatic English town that enjoys a convenient location a short distance from the captivating capital of London. With a rich history dating back to mind-blowing Paleolithic times, Luton bristles with quaint elegance while also embracing modern impulses. A cosmopolitan culture means Luton enjoys an exuberant range of eateries that encompass an array of customs, and its shopping and entertainment facilities are unrivalled in the area.

Picturesque Parks

Luton’s gorgeous green lung is Wardown Park, a verdant and visionary expanse home to intriguing cultural contributions. Wander amongst ornate fountains and blooming flower gardens before reaching the grandiose Victorian mansion known as Wardown park Museum, home to a creative collection of exhibits that focus on traditional crafts and industrial traditions of the area.

An Outdoor Museum

Boasting the title of England’s largest and most comprehensive collection of vehicles, the Mossman Carriage Collection exhibits transport enthusiasts from around the world. The entrancing exhibit is located in the green expanse of Stockwood Park and illustrates the development of carriages throughout the centuries.

Colourful and Cosmopolitan Cuisine

As a town that constantly embraces modern development, Luton’s restaurant scene thrives with creative cuisine and extravagant décor. An eatery that truly encompasses this progressive dynamism is the Frog and Rhubarb, a vintage and vibrant place which serves classic British dishes with a cosmopolitan twist. Signature dishes include crisp belly pork with bacon infused savoy cabbage and tender beef fillet with garlic potatoes. (Church Road, Slip End, Luton, LU1 4BJ, UK)