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The City of Angels: Luxurious Los Angeles

Famed for it's delightful decadence, glorious beaches and celebrity population, the city of Los Angeles is a fast paced and fabulous place to visit. Immerse yourself in the exuberant atmosphere of the iconic city by enjoying the dazzling sights and sparkling lights of the entertainment capital of the world.

The Walk of Fame

Begin your day by soaking up the morning sun with a stroll down the star studded Hollywood Walk of Fame; search for your favourite Hollywood starlet or stud amongst the 2,473 stars on the walkway that recognise the talents of actors throughout the ages. The ultimate Hollywood experience awaits at the exhilarating Universal Studios, where thrilling theme parks rides, real life movie sets and state of the art cinemas reside. The studio tour gives visitors an interesting insight into the production of blockbuster films and includes a glamorous glimpse of sets of many legendary films. Dine in supreme style at the world renowned Hard Rock Café, located amidst the exceptional eateries of the Hollywood Boulevard; feast upon super sized American classics such as 10 ounce beef burgers and juicy steaks while admiring the sparkling selection of musical memorabilia that decorates the sleek interior.

Ride the Waves of Venice Beach

Escape the bustling metropolis of Hollywood to feel the soothing California sun upon the sandy shores of Venice Beach. Hailed as a hotspot for artists, poets and authors since the psychedelic 60;'s, Venice beach is a cosmopolitan paradise offering everything from freshly grilled seafood to surfing lessons. Watch colourful characters from a trendy bar upon the promenade or join exercise fanatics in an energising aerobics class upon the shore.

Gorgeous Griffith Park

Cool down in the chic, leather interior of a yellow taxi which will transport your to the luscious lands of Griffith Park. Perched on a verdant hillside overlooking Los Angeles, the park houses exciting attractions like the L.A Zoo and the Griffith Observatory, from which the iconic Hollywood sign can be enjoyed. Jump atop a horse to gallop around the gorgeous greenery, hire a bicycle to cycle to circumvent the sights or plunge into the parks outdoor swimming pool for a refreshing dip. Watch the sun set from the dizzying heights of the Observatory; the sight of the city brightening is reminiscent of a fiery phonenix emerging from the ashes, and a truly unforgettable experience.

Classy Cocktails

Los Angeles is hailed by many as the culinary capital of California, and offers visitors an enticing array of restaurants inspired by cuisine from around the world. Treat your taste buds to contemporary perfection at Al Bacio restaurant on Sunset Boulevard; gracefully executed dishes include grilled octopus, braised beef cheek and poppy seed encrusted tuna. Complete your stylish sojourn with a classic cocktail and celebrity spot in some of L.A's trendiest hangouts; The Library Bar combines cool and kitsch décor with the city's most creative cocktail menu, which features exotic ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, shisho leaves and passion fruit. It truly epitomises the cutting edge style of America's most glamorous city.