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The Distinct and Dynamic Districts of Landau in der Pfalz

With its charming sprawl of tiered half-timbered houses and picturesque squares, Landau in der Pfalz is a definitive German city in the midst of the revered Southern Wine Route. Fine wines and fabulous food are guaranteed in this culturally rich city, whose thriving gastronomic scene rivals that of any better-known metropolis. Incredible sculptures and fashionable boutiques intermingle with flagrant fortresses and verdant vineyards. The city comprises of 9 distinct and dynamic districts, all of which offer travellers an enriching and exciting experience of this static German city.

Artistic Appeal

The artistic appeal of the Nussdorf District will allure travellers seeking cultural satisfaction; an excellent Wine Train leads wanderers through verdant vine-yards and valleys that punctuated with modern sculptures and historic monuments. The locality is also home to the Peasant’s War House Museum, which offers a fascinating insight into the agricultural experience of war.

Historic Heritage

Arguably the district with the richest historic heritage, Wollemesheim boasts traditional half-timbered houses and sinuous tangle of medieval streets. Also home to the region’s oldest bell tower, the district is steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful pastures.

Ecclesiastical Elegance

The venerated village of Godramstein welcomes worshippers with its excellent selection of sacred ecclesiastical buildings; its most legendary landmark is the Parish Church with its Baroque beauty and religious frescoes painted by prominent artists Adolf Kessler.

Bounteous Breweries

Take advantage of Landau’s luscious selection of local produce by dining at the cosy and charismatic Gocklinger Hausbrau, a quaint and quintessential brewery that serves heart portions of German fare sure to satisfy ample appetites. Sample the Wurst salad for a refreshing take on traditional German cuisine. (Münsterweg 2, 76831 Göcklingen, Germany)