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The Impossibly Idyllic Town of Krems

Krems is an impossibly idyllic riverside town in the delightful Danube Valley. Renowned for fine wines and picturesque perfection, this provincial place is a wonderful destination in which to satisfy cultural and culinary cravings. An incredible array of museums documents the history of everything from wine and films to caricatures and contemporary art, while a wander around the evocative maze of the old town will reveal architectural delights. The intimate and inviting atmosphere of this alluring Austrian town is sure to persuade visitors to stay for longer than intended.

An Inner-City Fortress

Undoubtedly one of Krem’s most iconic landmarks, the inner-city fortress of Gozzoburg is one of Austria’s most important examples of Gothic grandeur. Nestled amidst the historic buildings of the ancient Old Town, the castle houses both a consecrated and contemplative chapel and an incredible hall full of 14th century frescoes.

The Baroque beauty of Krem’s authoritative Town Hall is an unmissable vision of affluent austerity; built in the 13th century, the elaborately carved façade feature etchings of mythical stories and fearsome animals.

Colourful Caricatures

Krems’ most unique cultural offering is the refreshing Caricature Museum, a colourful and captivating collection of caricature art. Historical exhibits trace the history and origin of this art work while presenting some of the world’s finest examples.

Eat Like An Emperor

Literally translating to the ‘Emperor of Austria’, the Zum Kaiser Von Osterreich Restaurant is certain to appease an appetitie for Austrian authenticity. Within, rich wooden panels decorate the interior to create a rustic effect reflected by the wholesome and hearty menu. Sample regional delicacies such as roasted pumpkin and wild mushrooms while sipping locally brewed beer for a delightfull dynamic dining experience. (Körnermarkt 9, Krems, Austria)