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Kirchheim Unter Teck: A Classic and Contemporary City

Kirchheim Unter Teck is a medieval market city dominated by history yet embracing modern impulses. The classic and the contemporary combine amongst the idyllic, winding alleys, historic structures and cutting edge galleries. Warmth and hospitality permeate the ancient streets, upon which a lively and cheerful past re-establishes itself in the present day. Sample traditional treats in one of the many refined restaurants, all of which respect the rich culinary heritage of the region while also experimenting with modern techniques.

A Captivating History

Encircled by protective moats and shrouded in a turbulent history, the Kirchheim Castle is undoubtedly the city’s most iconic landmark. The flagrant fortress stands stoically upon a hilltop perch and is now a cultural centre home to one of the city’s most historically detailed museums.

Escape the castle walls to enjoy the natural splendour of the Burgerseen, a verdant expanse home to three lakes. Dive into the clean, fresh water from jutting docks, enjoy a picturesque picnic upon a grassy bank or observe rare marine amphibians such as salamanders and frogs.

A Literate Endeavour

The academic prowess of the intellectual city of Kirchheim Unter Teck is evidenced by the intriguing Literary Museum. Residing in the house of prominent engineer and author Max Eyth, the museum commemorates the life and works of exceptional authors who are not so firmly in the public eye.

An Eatery of Elegance

The impeccably chic interior of Die Schmiede combines monochrome modernity with ambient lighting to create the ultimate dining ambience. Hailed as one of the city’s finest restaurants, the modern gastronomy served here mingles perfect presentation with creative culinary techniques, ensuring diners enjoy a dynamic experience. ( Alleenstrasse 132, 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany)