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Herford: The Festive City of Culture

The Hanseatic city of Herford is a picturesque place steeped in skyward spires, historical heritage and ecclesiastical elegance. Ringed by rippling hills and heavy blankets of forest, Herford is a thriving cultural hub that enjoys a tranquil atmosphere imposed by the scenic surroundings. Throughout the year, colourful festivals decorate the streets, showcasing everything from organ playing and jazz to wine and Christmas lights. Home to a British military barracks, Herford also enjoys a cosmopolitan culture that is prominent within the food and shopping districts of the city.

Stunning Spires and Gothic Glory

A wander around Herford’s sight saturated centre will afford travellers some visual delights; begin with a visit to the authoritative Herford Minister, a commanding cathedral that dates back to the 13th century, making it one of Germany’s earliest churches. St. John’s Church continues the ecclesiastical elegance with its Gothic spire and terracotta, turreted rooftop.

In the Market Square, Gothic stone facades decorate the pointed faces of historical houses; most notable is the Wufterhaus with its intricate decorations, tiered windows and remarkable renaissance gable.

The Past and the Present

Herford’s museums pay equal attention both the colourful past and prosperous present; the MART-a Museum is an architectural revolution reminiscent of an undulating sand dune. Thick set terracotta towers ripple upon haphazard walls that house some of Europe’s finest contemporary artworks.

Historic Dining

Housed in a half-timbered historic building, the 17th century, wood vaulted walls of the Die Alte Schule really bring the past to life. A beautiful bistro menu offers international innovation and cosmopolitan creativity; signature dishes include parsley risotto with fired octopus, calves liver with apple mashed potatoes and lobster drizzled with coconut vinaigrette. (Holland 39 32052 Herford, Germany)