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The Cool Culture of Davos Platz

Davos Platz is the stylish and less ski orientated section of delightful Davos; here visitors will find fashionable boutiques, refined restaurants and lively bars while still enjoying the breathtaking mountain vistas of the Alps. Luxurious hotels compete with the surrounding slops for towering dominance while winter sports enthusiasts excitedly flock towards the ski lifts in order to enjoy the winter wilderness presented by the Alps.

Beer Glorious Beer

As one of the world’s most respected producers of beer, Switzerland was bound to boast some tempting breweries. Enticingly close to Davos Platz is the Monstein Brewery, a traditional factory dedicated to providing some of the country’s best beer; enjoying a dizzying destination that earns it the title of the world’s highest brewery, Monstein offers visitors guided tours and tasting session guaranteed to tempt revellers with more beverages.

Alpine Art

Davos Platz’ Kirchner Museum showcases the inspiring nature of the surrounding by exhibiting a captivating collection of art from the influential expressionist artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Aesthetically arresting pieces are displayed in a magnificent modern structure in Davos Platz’ bustling city centre.

The Epitome of Swiss Culture and Cuisine

Enjoying a picturesque location upon Davos’ lively promenade, the inviting and intimate Stuvetta Restaurant epitomises Swiss culture; the rustic décor and wooden panels are typical of a Swiss mountain chalet and the fine food served is guaranteed to warm after winter excursions. Sample the indulgent cheese fondue for starter, moving onto robustly rich beef bourguignon for a magnificent main course.(Promenade 80, Hotel Panorama, Davos Platz, Davos 7270)