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Crewe: A Dynamic Destination

The quaint and quintessential town of Crewe is the home of England’;s railway heritage, A strong industrial atmosphere pulsates from the town’s historical heart, where listed buidlings and cultural treasures reside. Surrounding Crewe are stately homes and natural respites to rival the Peak Distrcit, and its enviable location makes it the perfect springboard from which to explore England’s most alluring attractions.

The Charismatic Crewe Hall

A few miles from Crewe’s vibrant town centre resides the majestic Crewe Hall, a stunning stately structure that presents a fine example of Jacobean architecture. Dating back to the 17th century, this beautiful building plays an integral role in Crewe’s rich historical heritage and its grandiose nature is immediately perceived in the regal reception room. The hall’s sacred Chapel is a quaint example of ecclesiastical elegance, while the gorgeous grounds house fountains and statues that perfectly embody the building’s ethereal elegance.

Crewe’s Fine Culture

Crewe’s captivating Heritage Centre is dedicated to the town’s remarkable railway heritage and features remarkable rail relics that range from the cute to the colossal. Arguably its most celebrated exhibit is the ATP (Advanced Passenger Train), a super speed train that was heralded as a rail revolution before malfunctioning on its test run. Other fine sights are the model railway and the informative collection of artefacts.

The Cosy Corner

Enjoy the warm, welcoming and traditionally English atmosphere of Albert’s Corner, a pleasant public house located in Crewe’s historical heart. Here, sublime service combines with a menu featuring both hearty classics and internationally inspired dishes. After sampling some fine English ale, tuck into to exotic dishes such as chickpea and spinach curry or pan fried chicken breast before concluding with a delectable English dessert.(Prince Albert Street, Crewe, CW1 2DF)