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A Venerated Vacation in Baja Sardinia

Occupying a picturesque pocket of coasts surrounded by the tantalising turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Baja Sardinia is a staggeringly beautiful stretch of coastline begging to be explores. Coral covered caves and iridescent reefs lurk in the water’s depths, while dry land tempts tourists with silken sand and elite eateries. The region is famed for its wind shaped granite rocks and the diverse selection of Mediterranean marine life residing in the sea; diving enthusiasts will be treated to visual banquets beneath the sea’s shimmering surface, in one of the world’s top ten diving locations.

Coral Covered Caves and Deep Delights

The deep blue Baja Sardinia offers ocean adventurers some truly wonderful opportunities; boat tours to the neighbouring archipelagos of Spargi and Budelli depart regularly and transport divers to sights such as gigantic granite boulders covered is deep red coral and pock-marked reef formations. The unrivalled variety of marine life is astounding and swimmers are likely to see hundreds of different fish species in this world class spot. Back on the boat, sailors can enjoy the ragged rock formations of the Costa Smerelda and the gloriously sunny climate.

The Vibrant and Vivacious Piazetta

After the sun sinks into the shimmering sea, the tranquil Piazetta de Baja Sardinia bursts into colourful and kaleidoscopic life. During the high season, traditional singing and dancing shows are performed in this incredible open air venue, and revellers can drink and dance along with the professional performers. The area also boasts a selection of ambient piano bars in which classy cocktails accompany the melodious music.

Corbezzolo on the Coast

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the principal promenade, the intimate and inviting Corbezzolo Restaurant offers travellers a traditional taste of internationally esteemed Italian cuisine. Delicious pizzas are cooked to perfection in roaring wood fire ovens, while freshly caught seafood is expertly prepared and served simply with a drizzle of garlic butter or steamed vegetables. (Piazzetta della Fontana, 07021 Baja Sardinia Province of Olbia-Tempio)