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Hotel Nazionale
Lista di Spagna 158
30121 Venice
6.3 / 10
from 132 €
Ca' dell'Arte Hotel
Calle de Le Carozze San Marco 3286
30124 Venice
9.0 / 10
from 53 €
Hotel Bucintoro
Riva San Biasio Castello 2135/a
30122 Venice
9.8 / 10
from 120 €
Hotel San Cassiano - Residenza d'Epoca
Santa Croce 2232, Calle del Rosa, Santa Croce
30135 Venice
8.2 / 10
from 40 €
Hotel Ca ' Morosini
San Marco 3465, San Marco
30124 Venice
8.6 / 10
Hotel Santa Marina
Castello - Campo Santa Marina 6068, Castello
30122 Venice
7.5 / 10
Hotel Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria Wellness & SPA
Gran Viale S. M. Elisabetta 28
30126 Venice
8.2 / 10
from 59 €
Amadeus Hotel
Lista Di Spagna 227
30121 Venice
7.5 / 10
from 81 €
Hotel All´Angelo
San Marco, 403
30124 Venice
8.2 / 10
from 62 €
Hotel Astoria
Calle Fiubera 951, San Marco
30124 Venice
3.7 / 10
from 81 €
Best Western Premier Hotel Sant Elena
Calle Buccari 10, Castello
30132 Venice
8.3 / 10
from 93 €
Hotel Canal e Walter
Santa Croce 553
30135 Venice
6.5 / 10
from 40 €
Hotel Alle Guglie
Ponte delle Guglie, Cannaregio 1523
30121 Venice
7.3 / 10
from 48 €
Hotel Arlecchino
Santa Croce 390, Fondamenta Delle Burchielle, Santa Croce
30135 Venice
7.1 / 10
from 67 €
La Pergola di Venezia
Via Cipro 15
30126 Venice
8.2 / 10
from 35 €
Casa Pisani Canal
Cannaregio 6105
30121 Venice
8.4 / 10
from 74 €
Hotel La Meridiana
Via Lepanto, 45
30126 Venice
8.6 / 10
from 36 €
Best Western Hotel Montecarlo
San Marco, 463, Calle Specchieri, San Marco
30124 Venice
8.5 / 10
from 70 €
Hotel Rigel
Via Dandolo, 13
30126 Venice
7.8 / 10
from 31 €
Hotel Sorriso
Via Colombo 22
30126 Venice
9.3 / 10
from 55 €
Hotel Bonvecchiati
Piazza San Marco - Calle Goldoni 4488, San Marco
30124 Venice
8.1 / 10
from 150 €
Hotel Santa Chiara
Santa Croce 548, Santa Croce
30135 Venice
7.0 / 10
from 82 €
Russo Palace Hotel
Riviera San Nicolo, 11/A
30126 Venice
8.1 / 10
from 128 €
Hotel Belle Epoque
Lista di Spagna, Cannaregio 127/128, Cannaregio
30121 Venice
6.8 / 10
from 50 €
Hotel Mercurio
Calle del Fruttariol, San Marco 1848
30124 Venice
10.0 / 10
from 42 €
Haven Hostel Giudecca
Giudecca 392, Ramo della Palada
30133 Venice
Palazzo Cendon
Cannaregio 532/533/534, Calle Cendon, Cannaregio
30121 Venice
8.4 / 10
from 58 €
Locanda La Corte
Castello 6317, Calle Bressana, Castello
30122 Venice
8.4 / 10
from 55 €
Hotel Città di Milano
San Marco 590
30124 Venice
7.1 / 10
from 46 €
Boscolo Bellini
Lista di Spagna, 116/A, Cannaregio
30121 Venice
7.7 / 10
from 90 €

There is Lots to Discover in Venice


Venice is situated in Northern Italy on the Adriatic Coast. The city is often a destination for tourists. The reason for this is definitely the unique layout of the city. It developed from 117 islands. Therefore, Venice is described as the lagoon city. Other nicknames of the city are „La Serenissima“, which if you translate the Italian it means the most serene and the city of rivers and bridges. More than half of the surface area of Venice lies on a body of water and approx. 400 bridges grace the cityscape. The historical city centre is a magnet for tourists but the industrial life of the city predominantly takes place on the mainland.

Journey to Venice

Approx. 11 km away for the city lies the airport „Aeroport de Venezia Marco Polo“ . From the airport, you can reach the city-centre with a shuttle service or you can get directly to the Adriatic coast. It is also easy and quick to reach by water. The water transport is located where there is a lot of water and it is a popular and touristy means of transportation.

It is important to bear in mind that Venice is a car-free city. If you arrive in your own car, you need to park it on the mainland.

Districts of Venice

Venice is comprised of 6 urban districts. The district of Mestre is located on the mainland and it has the nickname „ugly sister of Venice“. Many workers and immigrants live in this district and it has significantly more inhabitants than those who live on the islands. The “working life“ of the city unfolds on the mainland and thus there are small, plain houses here which represent a stark contrast to the magnificent buildings in the old town.

The old town is the city of canals. Here it is easiest to get around by foot or by bicycle. The 117 islands all have their own role and this was also the case in the past. Thus there is a special cemetery island, one for producing vegetables etc. numerous residential buildings in the old town stand empty. On the one hand, it may be due to the higher prices and on the other hand it may be linked to the bad condition of the buildings which are often uninhabitable as a result of the flood waters.

Tourist Attractions in Venice Tell You the Story

The history of the old town of Venice can be traced back as far as the year 540. The rise of the city began from around 1000 years after the birth of Christ and at which point many buildings were constructed. The most important square in Venice is the Piazzo San Marco. From here you can visit several buildings bordering the square. You can also sit in one of the cafes that are located by the square and let yourself be inspired by the backdrop.

The Doge ́s Palace is part of the history of Venice and it is located on the East side of the Piazzo San Marco. For a long time it was the seat of the heads of state in the Republic of Venice. The magnificent Gothic building symbolised the power of the Sea Republic both internally and externally. Today there are still several gilded objects to be found in the interior and paintings of prominent artists adorn the walls. The Doge ́s Palace can be visited from the inside every day.

There is also the Saint Mark ́s Basilica on the East side of the Piazzo San Marco. Its predecessor dates back to the 9th Century and this building was erected in the same spot after a fire broke out in the 11th Century. It is one of 124 churches in Venice and it is considered an important byzantine church on a world-wide scale. The layout alone will win you over, it is modelled on a cross, every arm and the middle is crowned with a dome. The interior area of the cathedral should also be on your list of things to see. There are several artworks from all over the world that are exhibited here to adorn the church. Alongside the mosaics on the walls, floors and ceilings which look like works of art in themselves, the high altar of the cathedral is also a highlight.

Cultural Journey Through Venice

Numerous artists have been guests in Venice. Venice is also a city of museums, galleries and art collections. It is always worth a visit to the Galleria dell' Accademia. The art collection that can be found here is not only the most well-known and most significant in Italy or Europe but on a world-wide scale. The foundation of the contemporary collection dates back to the year 1750. Other significant artistic treasures were added during the time of Napoleon and which found their way to Venice from the oppressed churches. Today, 24 rooms of the museum exhibit works from Venetian artists from different epochs of art.

The meaning of art in Venice is also clear in the Biennale di Venezia which is a guest here every 2 years. The international art exhibition in Venice is so important that it not only takes place in the galleries but also in public spaces. For those who cannot find a place in the city galleries, they can rent an exhibition space somewhere in order to take part in the Biennale.

Eating in Venice

The cuisine of Venice is characterised by its proximity to the sea. Several dishes are therefore comprise fish. A sign of good food in Venice is the fact it does not rely too heavily on pasta dishes which you can get anywhere in Italy.

You can eat typical Venetian food at "Da Alberto". The restaurant is located somewhat away from the tourist streets in Cannaregio. It is simply and rustically furnished, the menu changes on a daily basis because it is only by doing this that the cook knows which fresh fish he can serve you. A lunchtime menu including wine and fresh fish can be purchased for around 25 euros per person. This is very cheap for the standards in the city.

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