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Stockholm Kista
Finlands gatan 7
164 74 Stockholm
7.1 / 10
from 645 SEK
Berns Hotel
Näckströmsgatan 8
10327 Stockholm
8.2 / 10
from 1,529 SEK
Hotel Norrtull
St. Eriksgatan 119
11343 Stockholm
7.0 / 10
from 756 SEK
Hotel Stockholm South
Vaestertorpsvaegen 131
129 44 Stockholm
7.0 / 10
from 775 SEK
Motel L
Hammarby Allé 41
120 30 Stockholm
9.0 / 10
from 650 SEK
Comfort Hotel Stockholm
Kungsbron 1
11122 Stockholm
7.6 / 10
from 499 SEK
Mornington Hotel Bromma
Norrbyvägen 30
16869 Stockholm
from 452 SEK
Connect Hotel Kista
Isafjordsgatan 7
16440 Stockholm
9.0 / 10
Clarion Hotel Sign
Ostra Jarnvagsgatan 35
10126 Stockholm
8.5 / 10
from 1,140 SEK
Connect Hotel Stockholm
Gotalandsvagen, 216-218
12544 Stockholm
6.1 / 10
from 599 SEK
Connect Hotel City
Alströmergatan 41
112 47 Stockholm
6.9 / 10
from 719 SEK
New World Hotel
Abyvagen 20
12044 Stockholm
6.1 / 10
from 585 SEK
Hotel Birger Jarl
Tulegatan 8
10432 Stockholm
7.5 / 10
from 990 SEK
Sky Hotel Apartments Stockholm
Lindhagensgatan 90
112 18 Stockholm
8.4 / 10
from 1,495 SEK
Crystal Plaza Hotel
Birger Jarlsgatan 35
11145 Stockholm
7.2 / 10
from 800 SEK
Brommavik Hotel
Karlsbodavagen 45
168 67 Stockholm
7.9 / 10
from 495 SEK
Clarion Hotel Amaranten
Kungsholmsgatan 31
112 27 Stockholm
Stureplan Hotel
Birger Jarlsgatan 24
114 34 Stockholm
8.3 / 10
from 986 SEK
Långholmen Hotell
Längholmsmuren 20
117 33 Stockholm
7.9 / 10
from 895 SEK
Scandic Ariadne Stockholm
Positionen 117
11574 Stockholm
8.1 / 10
Hotel Dialog AB
Dialoggatan 1
14175 Stockholm
7.3 / 10
from 450 SEK
Quality Hotel Globe
Arenaslingan 7
12126 Stockholm
6.9 / 10
Central Hotel
Vasagatan 38
11120 Stockholm
from 711 SEK
Hotel Hellsten
Luntmakargatan 68
113 51 Stockholm
8.0 / 10
from 650 SEK
Memory Hotel
Borgarfjordsgatan 3
16425 Stockholm
7.4 / 10
from 720 SEK
Victory Hotel
Lilla Nygatan 5
11128 Stockholm
8.2 / 10
from 1,071 SEK
Ulvsundavagen 193C
168 67 Stockholm
8.5 / 10
from 795 SEK
Best Western Capital Hotel
Marknadsvägen 6
12044 Stockholm
5.9 / 10
from 672 SEK
Ulfsunda Slott
Margretelundsvagen 125
167 33 Stockholm
9.6 / 10
from 895 SEK
Nordic Light Hotel
Vasaplan 7
10137 Stockholm
7.0 / 10
from 1,140 SEK

Welcome to Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. It is not only the largest city in Sweden itself but also in the whole of Scandinavia. Around 30% of the city area comprises water. In the past, the metropolitan area was made up of even more small islands than our present day in which many of them were consolidated. The city has been inhabited since the 13th century and at that time Scandinavia was 1/3 smaller than what it is today as a result of the islands. The seat of the Kings of Sweden are located in Stockholm, the city is a bishop city as well as the economic and cultural area of the country.

Journey to Stockholm

You can travel to Stockholm by boat which is definitely going to be an adventure for you in itself. Whether you take a cruise ship or you take the car ferry from Poland, Finland or the Baltic region, is up to you. It is also an easy journey to make by plane, there are 4 airports dotted around the metropolitan area and 2 of them are used by international airlines. The Arlanda airport is located 35 km away from the city-centre, the Skavsta airport is situated approx. 100 km away. With the opening of the Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark, you can also travel by train.

The City Structure in Stockholm

Since the year 2007, Stockholm has been divided into 14 urban districts. The district of Skarpnäck lies to the South of Stockholm. There are around 40,000 inhabitants living in the whole area. It is astonishing that many people live in detached and semidetached houses. In the peripheral area there are only a few apartment buildings.

The urban district of Rinkeby-Kista has around 46,000 inhabitants. With the integration of both districts Rinkeby and Kista, it became a district in itself in the year 2007. There is also the district of Husby in this urban district which has the highest proportion of migrants in the city at 86%. Kista is also well-known for being an important IT centre in Sweden. The district is characterised by the establishment of important IT and mobile telecommunication companies. There are also two important universities located here.

Tourist Attractions in Stockholm

It is on the island of Stadsholmen where the city-centre of Stockholm lies. The old town is still shaped by the medieval urban landscape. The roads are laid out from North to South and the further you get to the shores of the lake, the more the narrow streets resemble one another.

In the North of the island there are city palaces which are reminiscent of Sweden ́s superpower era. It is worth seeing the the Riddarhuset for example which translates as the knight ́s mansion in English and which was built between 1641 and 1674. It adopted the role of a meeting house for the Swedish aristocracy. Still today it functions as a society house for nobles who celebrate their festivals and events in the ornately furnished rooms.

The Bondesche Palais is also a palace that is worth seeing. It dates back to the time between 1662 and 1673. The building is located directly on the water and there is an interesting baroque garden in front of it. The building that you see today was not developed until the mid-18th Century because a fire destroyed the entire building including the cellar rooms. It is a listed building and part of the national museum is housed here.

The landmark of the city of Stockholm is Stockholm Palace. It is the royal palace that was built between 1690 and 1750. It is also time and again referred to as the most remarkable baroque building in Scandinavia. The palace is a four-wing construction in the middle of which the palace courtyard is situated. The Swedish royal family uses it as an office, it is no longer lived in. For that reason, parts of the palace are open for sightseeing purposes. Today, several museums and exhibitions such as the palace museum or the treasure chamber can be found in the palace. What is interesting is if you are at the palace at 12.15pm, this is when the changing of the guard takes place on the palace square.

Cultural Highlights in Stockholm

The Vasa-Museum in Stockholm is well-known on global scale. In 1990the maritime museum opened its doors and since then it has counted more than 1 million visitors. The eponym and main attraction is the war ship Vasa that sunk in 1628 and which is exhibited here. It was on a maiden voyage and up to 96% of it is exhibited. The museum deals with the building of the ship and its recovery. It also explores how people lived on board a ship so you will learn all kinds of informative things. In addition to this there are, however, other maritime exhibits that form part of the museum.

In the Nordiska Museum you will get an insight into the Swedish world. More than 1.5 million exhibition pieces and 250,000 books bring you a step closer to everyday life in Sweden. You will find out which customs and traditions there are and the way in which they have changed throughout the years. The inside of the museum is almost just as interesting as the building itself. It is situated in a palatial building in the renaissance style and it has manysmall pinnacled towers.

Dining Out in Stockholm

The elegant restaurant complex of the Operakällaren is located in the royal opera of Stockholm. It comprises several rooms in which you will find a café, the restaurant, a tavern etc. The restaurant is continually awarded with worldwide prizes and titles.

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Exhibitions/events in Stockholm

    (10/8/2015 - 10/11/2015)
    House and Home Exhibition
  • Allt for Hälsan
    (11/27/2015 - 11/29/2015)
    Health, Wellness & Fitness Exhibition
    (1/20/2016 - 1/23/2016)
    Trade Fair for Design-led Gifts and Interior Accessories from the Nordic Countries. Textiles, Tableware,Folk Arts and Crafts, Toys, General Gifts, Paper
  • Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
    (2/9/2016 - 2/13/2016)
    (2/18/2016 - 2/21/2016)
    (3/5/2016 - 3/13/2016)
    (3/11/2016 - 3/13/2016)
    Wilderness Fair - Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor Life Fair
  • Bio-Europe Spring
    (4/4/2016 - 4/6/2016)
    (4/5/2016 - 4/8/2016)
    Nordic Building & Construction Fair
  • S.E.E. Scandinavian Electronics Event
    (4/19/2016 - 4/21/2016)
    Elektronik/EP - International Components, Instruments and Measurement Trade Fair
    (4/26/2016 - 4/29/2016)
    International Trade Fair for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Services
    (4/26/2016 - 4/29/2016)
    Scandinavian Wine Expo
  • Int. Pulp & Paper Week (formerly SPCI)
    (5/24/2016 - 5/26/2016)
    The World Pulp and Paper Week
  • World Bioenergy
    (5/24/2016 - 5/26/2016)
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