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Hotel Vip Executive Zurique
Rua Ivone Silva 18
1050-124 Lisbon
5.8 / 10
Tryp Oriente
Avda. Dom Joao II.
1998-083 Lisbon
Hotel Vip Inn Berna
Av. António Serpa, 13
1069-199 Lisbon
7.2 / 10
EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel
Praça do Duque de Saldanha 4
1050-094 Lisbon
9.3 / 10
São Pedro Lisbon Hotel
Rua Pascoal de Melo, 130
1000-237 Lisbon
5.0 / 10
Hotel Marques De Pombal
Avenida da Liberdade 243
1250-143 Lisbon
8.5 / 10
Hotel Dom Carlos Liberty
Rua Alexandre Herculano, 13
1150-005 Lisbon
7.7 / 10
Tryp Lisboa Aeroporto
Rua C, Aueropuerto Internacional de Lisboa
1700-008 Lisbon
8.0 / 10
Hotel Jorge V
Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 3
1250-165 Lisbon
6.3 / 10
Novotel Lisboa
Avenida José Malhoa 1 1A
1099-051 Lisbon
8.5 / 10
Hotel Alif Avenidas
Av. Duque de Avila, 189
1050-082 Lisbon
9.8 / 10
Hotel Acores Lisboa
Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 3
1070-060 Lisbon
8.1 / 10
Hotel Vip Executive Art´s
Av. D. João II, 47
1998-028 Lisbon
7.5 / 10
Hello Lisbon Santos
Travessa Nova de Santos, 39
1200-734 Lisbon
0.0 / 10
Hotel Olissippo Oriente
Avenida Dom Joao II, 32
1990-083 Lisbon
8.3 / 10
Residencial Dom Sancho I
Av. Liberdade, 202 - 2º floor
1250-147 Lisbon
8.8 / 10
EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel
Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco 15
1070-100 Lisbon
9.6 / 10
Hotel DAH – Dom Afonso Henriques
Rua Cristovão Falcão
1900-172 Lisbon
8.3 / 10
Hotel Lis - Baixa
Rua dos Douradores 146
1100-107 Lisbon
8.9 / 10
Guesthouse V Dinastia
Rua Dom João V 7
1250-089 Lisbon
4.9 / 10
Hello Lisbon Bairro Alto Apartments
Travessa dos Fiéis de Deus 34
1200-189 Lisbon
Lisbon Style Guesthouse
Avenida Almirante Reis, 55/53
1150-011 Lisbon
9.2 / 10
Sana Reno Hotel
Avenida Duque de Ávila 195
1050-082 Lisbon
7.7 / 10
Altis Grand Hotel
Rua Castilho 11
1269-072 Lisbon
7.3 / 10
Marriott Lisbon Hotel
Avenida dos Combatentes
1600-042 Lisbon
8.4 / 10
Avenida Park Residence
Avenida Sidonio Pais, 6
1050-214 Lisbon
3.0 / 10
Hotel da Estrela
Rua Saraiva de Carvalho 35
1250-242 Lisbon
Sana Malhoa Hotel
Av. José Malhoa 8
1099-310 Lisbon
8.1 / 10
Hotel Embaixador
Av. Duque de Loulé, 73
1050-088 Lisbon
6.4 / 10
Hotel Vip Executive Villa Rica
Avenida 5 de Outubro 295
1600-035 Lisbon
7.7 / 10

Lisbon – The Pearl of Portugal

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. The city is located in the very South West of Europe on the Atlantic Coast. Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal and it is also the economic and cultural centre of the country. The city is lies on 7 hills if the small elevations are not included. There arenot only high numbers of tourists in the summer months. Many historical tourist sites in the city area tell a story that began approx. 1000 years before the birth of Christ.

Journey to Lisbon

The journey to Lisbon can take place conveniently and simply via Portela International Airport. It lies 7 km away from the city-centre which you can cover by shuttle bus. From Germany, the journey by train is not to be recommended, there are no direct connections. You would have to change several times so the journey becomes protracted. If you arrive by car and you want to quickly reach your destination with the motorways in Portugal, you should bear in mind that there are high toll charges.

The City Structure of Lisbon

Since 2013 and after lengthy discussion, Lisbon has been divided up into 24 municipalities. Belém is a district which lies in the West of Lisbon. The district is rich in historical tourist sights whereas in the city-centre there are only a few that are older than 1755. It was in this year that an earthquake destroyed many historical buildings, Belém remained almost untouched. In this district, the Torre de Belém also represents part of the UNESCO World-Heritage Site. Belém is also very popular amongst the local inhabitants who enjoy using the beach.

Benfica is a green district in Lisbon. Although a rapid increase in population was recorded during the 1950 ́s and 1960 ́s, this has decreased in the last few years. Many older people live here, the younger people rather move into the centre of Lisbon.

Buildings in Lisbon

The “Fortification Castello de Sao Jorge” reigns over the city of Lisbon. The entire grounds comprise approx. 6000 m². Here you can also feast your eyes on the fortress ruins which were destroyed by the earthquake in 1755. Parts of the fortress tower can still be seen, sentinels and also the castle moat. In the year 1938, the fortification was extensively renovated. In order to reach the fortification, you need to master the steep steps. The view that you will get over the city will, however, reward you for your efforts.

The Torre de Belém is one of the landmarks of the city of Lisbon. It was built between 1515 and 1521 in the Manueline style by King Manuel I. It served less as a defense but rather as an orientation. The sailors who were returning home are said to have followed the tower that for many years stood on a small island in front of the city. Afterwards it was used as a lighthouse, today it is almost connected to the mainland. In order to reach the Torre, you can use the small bridge. There is an observation platform which was created 35 metres high and from which you can look far out to the sea.

The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos also constitutes a UNESCO World-Heritage Site. The hieronymite monastery which is its name when translated, was built between the years 1501 and 1601. Up until 1705, several members of the royal family were buried in the monastery. The building is approx. 300 metres long and this only really comes into full effect with the park which is laid out in front of the monastery. Today, the marine museum and the archaeological museum are located in the side wings of the monastery building.

Lisbon – The Museum City

The density of the museums in the city of Lisbon is already surprising. So you have a lot of opportunities to discover things in Lisbon. The National Museum for Ancient Art houses several artistic treasures. The building dates back from the 17th Century and that is not the only reason why it is one of the most important museums in Portugal. The focus of the collection is the theme of Portuguese artists. For that reason, many national artists are actively represented in the painting collection. However, there are also renowned international artists such as Dürer or Hohlbein whose works are housed in this museum.

The Museum of Modern Art, also belongs to this museum but it is housed in another building. In this museum you will find works from Picasso and Chagall. Since its opening in the year 2007, it was not long until it became one of the 50 most visited museums worldwide.

Portuguese Cuisine in Lisbon

Casa da Comida is a gourmet restaurant with a unique atmosphere in Lisbon. Here you will be offered excellent Portuguese cuisine at very high standards. On warm days you can marvel at the wonderfully laid out garden. The restaurant has existed in Lisbon for over 35 years which is very good in light of the fast pace of this city. The typical Portuguese stew with meat and vegetables will cost you 17 euros. Throughout the entire city there are numerous small cafes and bistros in which you can get a snack from time to time and for which will not have to pay lot of money.

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