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Our recommended hotels in Cuxhaven

Hus Kiek in de See
Döser Seedeich 2
27472 Cuxhaven
Moin Hotel Cuxhaven
Steinmarner Str. 83-89
27476 Cuxhaven
Hotel Deichvoigt
Strichweg 2-4
27472 Cuxhaven
Strand-gut-Hotel Landhaus Döse
Hinter der Kirche 74
27476 Cuxhaven
Hotel Wehrburg
Wehrbergsweg 53
27476 Cuxhaven
Hotel Strandperle
Duhner Strandstraße 15
27476 Cuxhaven
Hotel Wernerwald
Wernerwaldstraße 21 - 23
27476 Cuxhaven
6.3 / 10
Hotel Muschelgrund
Muschelgrund 1
27476 Cuxhaven
8.9 / 10
Hotel Villa Caldera
Döser Seedeich 4
27472 Cuxhaven
9.5 / 10
Braband Gästehaus
Rugenbargsweg 21
27476 Cuxhaven
8.5 / 10
Landhaus Stutzi
Duhner Strandstrasse 15
27476 Cuxhaven
8.7 / 10
Hotel Strandhus
Am Sahlenburger Strand 25
27476 Cuxhaven
Appartementhaus Marbijes
Hans-Claußen-Straße 7
27476 Cuxhaven
9.0 / 10
Haus Nordseeküste
Hermann-Daur-Weg 21
27476 Cuxhaven
Haus Thorwarth Hotel-Garni
Am Grooten Steen 10
27476 Cuxhaven
9.0 / 10
Hotel Pflug
Steinmarner Straße 43
27476 Cuxhaven
Hotel am Königshof
Hauptstraße 67a
27478 Cuxhaven
BEST WESTERN Donner's Hotel
Am Seedeich 2
27472 Cuxhaven
Hotel Seeschwalbe
Cuxhavenerstraße 87-89
27476 Cuxhaven
Landhaus Braband
Rugenbargsweg 21 - 23
27476 Cuxhaven
7.4 / 10
Hotel Wattenkieker
Am Sahlenburger Strand 27
27476 Cuxhaven
8.6 / 10
Badhotel Sternhagen
Cuxhavener Straße 86
27476 Cuxhaven
8.9 / 10
Seehotel Neue Liebe
Prinzessinnentrift 12-14
27476 Cuxhaven
8.4 / 10
Villa Deichvoigt
Strichweg 2-4
27472 Cuxhaven
Neptuns Ankerplatz
Bei der Kirche 6 a
27476 Cuxhaven
7.0 / 10
Hotel Stadt Cuxhaven
Alter Deichweg 11
27472 Cuxhaven
Strandhotel Duhnen
Duhner Strandstraße 5-7
27476 Cuxhaven
Hotel Zum Wattenmeer
Wernerwaldstraße 41
27476 Cuxhaven
5.5 / 10
Gästehaus Meereswoge
Nordheimstraße 184
27476 Sahlenburg
6.6 / 10
Hotel zum grünen Walde
Mühlenstraße 78
27637 Nordholz
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In and around Cuxhaven

The county town Cuxhaven is situated at the mouth of the River Elbe and the shore of the North Sea in the North of Lower Saxony.

Tourism is vey important for this city. Cuxhaven, which belonged to Hamburg until 1937, is Germany’s largest sea resort. This is why there are so many hotels that are interesting for the sophisticated traveller. You will also find numerous wellness hotels.

Seafaring certainly plays an important role in Cuxhaven. Cuxhaven is home to an important fisherman's wharf and is ship registration point for Hamburg as well as the Kiel Canal.

When staying at Cuxhaven we recommend you to visit the lighthouses, such as Neuwerk, located on the identically named island, and the former pier called „Alte Liebe“ (Old Love). The fish market, taking place once or twice a month on Sunday, is also very beautiful. It nicely mirrors the North German way of life. Nearby you will find hotels, which make it easy for you to access the whole town comfortably. You may also find the light vessel „Elbe 1“ interesting. It is anchored at the harbour.

In the newly renovated castle Ritzebüttel there are now concerts and lectures taking place, which we can recommend as a welcome change for all business travellers during their stay at a Cuxhaven hotel. There are also numerous interesting exhibitions taking place throughout Cuxhaven.

If you have enough time, we recommend you to make a trip to Germany’s deep-sea island named Helgoland, which is only about two hours away from Cuxhaven. You also have the Wadden Sea right in front of you when staying in Cuxhaven. The major local events are the Duhner Wadden Race or the „Cuxhaven Harbour Days“ as well as the rock festival Deichbrand. Numerous hotels are located directly at the beach.

The North German cuisine with freshly caught shrimps and fish plays a major role in the Cuxhaven restaurants – many of which belong to one of the hotels in town. The Cuxhaven hotels have adapted to the requirements of the tourists.

You can reach town coming from Bremen with the train. And the city is situated at the autobahn A27 and the federal highway B73.

Total population: 51,899 (31st December 2006)
Postal codes: 27472, 27474, 27476, 27478

Districts within Cuxhaven