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Our recommended hotels in Channel Islands

Cobo Bay Hotel
Cobo Coast Road
GY5 7HB Castel
7.5 / 10
Best Western Royal Hotel
David Place
JE2 4TD St Helier
8.4 / 10
The Chalet Hotel
Fermain Valley
GY4 6SD St Martin
The Royal Yacht
JE2 3NF St Helier
Hotel Revere
Kensington Place
JE2 3PA St Helier
9.6 / 10
Mayfair Hotel
St Saviours Road
JE2 4LA St Helier
7.0 / 10
The Peninsula Hotel Guernsey
Les Dicqs
GY6 8JP Vale North
Hotel Jerbourg
Jerbourg Point
GY4 6BJ St Martin
5.8 / 10
Pomme d'Or Hotel
Liberation Square
JE1 3UF St Helier
0.0 / 10
Somerville Hotel
Mont Du Boulevard
JE3 8AB St. Aubin
Hotel La Place
Rue du Coin
JE3 8BT St Brelade
The Stafford Hotel
Kensington Place
JE2 3PA St Helier
Merton Hotel
Belvedere Hill
JE4 9PG St Helier
8.4 / 10
Golden Sands Hotel
La Route de la Baie
JE3 8EF St Brelade
5.5 / 10
Hotel Cristina
Mont Felard
JE3 1JA St Helier
9.1 / 10
Apollo Hotel
St. Saviour's Rd
JE2 4GJ St Helier
8.2 / 10
The Atlantic Hotel
Le Mont de la Pulente, St Brelade
JE3 8HE St Brelade
8.6 / 10
Hotel Longueville Manor
Longueville Road
JE2 7WF St Helier
The Club Hotel and Spa
Green Street
JE2 4UH St Helier
8.8 / 10
Beachcombers Hotel
La Rue a Don
JE3 4DA Gorey
Braye Beach Hotel
Braye Street
GY9 3XT St. Anne
Fort d'Auvergne Hotel
Havre des Pas
JE2 4UQ St Helier
7.0 / 10
Grand Jersey Hotel & Spa
Esplanade, St. Helier
JE23QA St Helier
Hotel de France
St Saviours
JE1 7XP St Helier
9.3 / 10
Hotel Metropole
Roseville Street
JE1 4HE St Helier
L'Horizon Hotel and Spa
La Route de la Baie
JE3 8EF St Brelade
Monterey Hotel
St Saviours Rd
JE2 7LA St Helier
Mountview Hotel
St John's Road
JE2 3LD St Helier
Norfolk Lodge Hotel
Rouge Bouillon
JE2 3ZB St Helier
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