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Hotel Britannia
Viale G. Carducci, 129
47042 Cesenatico
7.3 / 10
Hotel Beau Soleil
Via Mosca, 43
47042 Cesenatico
8.5 / 10
Hotel Orchidea
Viale Archimede 27
47042 Cesenatico
from 60 €
Ostello Casa per ferie Stella Marina
Via Vasco de Gama, 2
47042 Cesenatico
6.2 / 10
Hotel Ori
Via Da Verrazzano 14
47042 Cesenatico
4.3 / 10
Hotel Massimo
Tiziano 42
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Esplanade
Viale Carducci 120
47042 Cesenatico
8.3 / 10
from 43 €
Grand Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci
47042 Cesenatico
9.0 / 10
from 108 €
Hotel Prater
Via Torricelli,16
47042 Cesenatico
8.4 / 10
Hotel Lungomare
Lungomare Carducci, 299
47042 Cesenatico
7.8 / 10
from 37 €
Hotel Tiffany & Resort
Via Modigliani 25
47042 Cesenatico
6.3 / 10
from 150 €
Hotel Sirena
Viale Zara, 42
47042 Cesenatico
Adria Hotel  Beach Club
Viale Giosuè Carducci 281
47042 Cesenatico
Biondi Hotel
Via Canova 91
47042 Cesenatico
Blue Hotel
Via Edmondo de Amicis 98/a
47042 Cesenatico
from 35 €
Desiree Hotel
Viale Euclide 1
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Ancora
Via Talete 5
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Donatello
Via Edmondo de Amicis 41
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Favorita
Viale Venezia 22
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Garden
Carducci 288
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Lalla
Via A. da Noli,18
47042 Cesenatico
0.0 / 10
from 32 €
Hotel Miramare Cesenatico
Viale Carducci 2
47042 Cesenatico
7.2 / 10
from 65 €
Hotel Promenade & Universale
Lungomare Ponente 11
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Silver
Viale Bernini 10
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Tridentum
Viale Michelangelo 25
47042 Cesenatico
Maree Hotel
Via Nicoloso da Recco 12
47042 Cesenatico
New Bristol Sport & Domus Mea Hotel
Via del Fortino 9/7
47042 Cesenatico
5.5 / 10
from 68 €
Taioli Hotel
Viale De Amicis 86
47042 Cesenatico
Hotel Bamar
Viale Valsesia 6
48015 Cervia
Vapore Gatteo Residence
Viale delle Nazioni 78
47043 Gatteo
from 26 €

The Coastal Splendour of Cesenatico

The ethereal splendour of Cesenatico’s harbour has made it the sublime subject of many paintings; the same picturesque beauty that inspired artists now attracts tourists, who flock to this Italian gem in order to enjoy sun, sand and serenity. With its rich historical and maritime heritage, the friendly locals of this idyllic village have maintained archaic traditions through food, music and dance, while also embracing modernism with its impressive urban structures.

Da Vinci’s Alternative Masterpiece

The town’s architectural and cultural pride lies within the Canal Harbour, an impossibly picturesque place designed by artistic deity Leonardo de Vinci. Upon the banks of this historical hub, traditional houses are painted in gentles colours and an unostentatious church spire points heavenwards.

Enjoy the coastal splendour of the region with a visit to Cesenatico Beach, a sprawling shoreline covered in golden sand and flanked by gentle, azure waters. A plethora of fabulous facilities will ensure a relaxing and restorative respite upon this consecrated stretch of coast.

Museums of Maritime and Moretti

In the cultural wonderland of Canal Harbour reside museums integral to the cultural understanding of the village. The Maritime Museum explores the seafaring heritage of Cesenatico through a captivating collection of maritime memorabilia.

In Casa Moretti, the house of seminal poet Marino Maretti harbours painstakingly preserved books, writings and artefacts significant to this prized poet.

Blissful Blue Fish

The town’s signature dish is Adriatic Blue Fish, a simple yet sublime taste of the sumptuous seafood on offer. A quaint and quintessential place in which to enjoy this local delicacy is Ristorante Da Giuliano al Porto Canale, an exquisite and elegant eatery affording gorgeous harbour views and gourmet gastronomy rooted in the region’s rich culinary heritage.(Via Moretti, 19 | Porto Canale Ponente, 47042 Cesenatico)

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