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Blue Sea La Pinta
Calle Carabela 4
07560 Cala Millor
7.3 / 10
Blue Sea Don Jaime
Sa Jordana, 20
07560 Cala Millor
5.5 / 10
Apartamento Cristina Villas
S'ametller 21
07560 Cala Millor
4.8 / 10
Complejo La Santa Maria Playa
Llum 14
07560 Cala Millor
Hotel Petit Estel
Calle Son Comparet 8
07560 Cala Millor
Hipotels Hipocampo Playa
Avenida Sa Coma, s/n
07560 Cala Millor
8.2 / 10
Hipotels Mercedes Aparthotel
Avinguda Sa Coma, 1
07560 Cala Millor
SENTIDO Castell de Mar
Calle Bonanza 1 - Cala Millor
07560 Cala Millor
7.7 / 10
Hipotels Cala Millor Park Aparthotel
Plaza Estanyol s/n
07560 Cala Millor
Hipotels Hipocampo Palace & SPA Hotel
C S'estanyol 13
07560 Cala Millor
9.3 / 10
Hotel Millor Sun
Av. Juan Servera Camps
07560 Cala Millor
C/ Binicanella 2
07560 Cala Millor
8.7 / 10
Hotel Playa del Moro
Calle Alosa
07560 Cala Millor
Hipotels Dunas Cala Millor
Avda. Sa Coma , s/n
07560 Cala Millor
0.0 / 10
Hipotels Said Hotel
Avinguda Bon Temps 23
07560 Cala Millor
7.8 / 10
Hipotels Flamenco
Avda Sa Coma s/n
07560 Cala Millor
6.6 / 10
Hipotels Don Juan
Paseo Juan Llinás s/n
07560 Cala Millor
10.0 / 10
Hipotels Bahia Grande
Avda Sa Coma s/n
07560 Cala Millor
8.0 / 10
Millor Garden & Spa Aparthotel
Avinguda de la Magnolia, s/n
7950 Cala Bona
6.6 / 10
Son Corb Boutique Hotel
Camino Punta Rotja, s/n
07559 Cala Bona
9.3 / 10
Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa
C/ Baladres s/n
07560 Sa Coma
7.5 / 10
Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa
C/ Abedules - Urb. El Dorado
07687 Sa Coma
Blue Sea Gran Playa Aparthotel
Plaza de les Estepes s/n
07687 Sa Coma
7.0 / 10
THB Sa Coma Platja Aparthotel
Ses Sevines
07193 Sa Coma
7.5 / 10
Hipotels Marfil Playa
C/ Cards s/n
07560 Sa Coma
9.7 / 10
Europa Apartamentos
Dalies 76
07193 Sa Coma
Hi Bouganvilla Park Aparthotel
Calle Margaritas, 21
07560 Sa Coma
7.4 / 10
Blau Mediterraneo Hotel (Adults only)
Calle Ses Savines s/n
07560 Sa Coma
8.0 / 10
Palia Sa Coma Playa
Aritja- Urb. Sa Coma S/n
07560 Sant Llorenç des Cardassar
Playa Blanca
Llevant 12
07687 S'Illot
6.5 / 10

Cala Millor – Summer, Sun and More

Cala Millor is situated on the East coast of the island of Mallorca. It is shaped by tourism and this has been the case since 1934. It was during that year when the first hotel emerged here. The sand beach of Cala Millor is approx. 1800 metres long and 30 to 35 metres wide. The dunes which were once located behind the beach, were removed in favour of a well laid-out promenade. From a geographical standpoint, the place belongs to two municipalities which are separated by a road. The beach resort is not only popular amongst German holidaymakers. Many Germans also have a second residence in the area.

Journey to Cala Millor

The journey by plane has to take place via the airport in Palma. The distance amounts to approx. 64 km. When arriving by shuttle bus, the journey time can vary markedly due to the fact that many other places are situated in between. For those who travel to Cala Millor by rental car, they need, depending on the volume of traffic, approx. 60-90 minutes for the journey.

The Structure of Cala Millor

The district of Cala Millor extends over two municipalities that are only separated from another by roads. As a result of the large expansion that tourism brings with it, the site is simply divided up. The northern part of Cala Millor belongs to the municipality Son Severa. This is the oldest district. The new building developments are all located in the municipality Sant Llorenç des Cardassar. Here you will still find a lot of agriculture and open spaces and thus the site extends further into this direction. At the same time, smaller sites are also being incorporated such as Son Moro which now belongs to Cala Millor.

Tourist Sites in Cal Millor

If you have a holiday in Cala Millor, then you will plan a beach and sun holiday. The beaches of Cala Millor are certainly very special. The name Cala Millor translates into English as „the best bay“, which may speak for itself. The beach surfaces of Cala Millor are divided up into four areas. The beach section in the North and which occupies approx. 400 metres, is called Arenal de Son Servera. The bay of Cala Millor is located there and here is where the first settlements can be found and the first hotels are now located in their stead. Further South is the connecting 1200 metre long beach surface of Platja de Sant Llorenç. The most Southern part of the beach is the Cala Nau. The beach is approx. 200 metres long and there is a rocky coast at the end of it.

The loveliest building in Cala Millor is the parish church. It is situated in the municipality of Son Servera. The Parròquia de Nostra Senyora dels Àngels, translates as the parish church of our mother of the angels and whose flat building will win you over.

Leisure in Cala Millor

Regarding cultural activities, there are not many opportunities for you in Cala Millor. If you wantto visit museums, theatres or exhibitions, you need to travel to Palma. However, in Calla Millor you can spend your leisure time in a different way. For this reason, the beach offers you numerous possibilities to be active both in and out of the water. During the summer months, renting boats and other attractions are always an option. You can also go for a hike. Cala Millor offers you very good opportunities for this. You can hike to the Punta de n'Amer. This is a 2 km long and 200 hector large peninsula at Cala Millor. If you are on the most Southern part of the beach, you willalready see the signposting for it. The route will lead you over sand that is easy to walk on and gravel paths and then directly through the woods. If you walk at a good speed, you need 90 to 120 minutes to master the 60 metre difference in height. The route is also very easy for children to tackle.

A market day takes place once a week. The goods offered here are rather aimed at tourists than to the needs of the local inhabitants.

Food and Drink in Cala Millor

If you are hungry, you only need to take a walk along the beach promenade in Cala Millor. Here you will find small bars where there is something different to eat in every one of them. An interesting restaurant is the Anpfiff RTL Cala Millor. It is actually a sports bar, however, alongside the extensive range of beverages, you can also get something to eat here.

The restaurant Lasarz is a traditional restaurant in Calla Millor. Here you will get typical Mallorquian dishes such as Paella. Every day you will be presented with a diverse menu of the day and on an evening, you can also let the day by the sea fade away by candlelight. However, there are also German dishes on the menu such as the Wiener Schnitzel or the Currywurst with salad and chips for 5.90 euros.

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