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Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014 is…

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The Danish town of Ribe has been named Europe’s best Big-Time Small Destination in our poll of over 46,000 voters for our Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destinations Trump Card Battles.

Ribe, Denmark


A small town that has the award of being Denmark’s oldest, Ribe is certainly a place where there is too much to experience. Lined with cobblestoned streets and timbered houses, you can relax in the atmosphere of cosy cafes and quirky and interesting shops. Why not accompany the Night Watchman on his route as he sings to alert citizens that bedtime is coming whilst he tells you stories about witches, fires and floods. As a major Viking destination, the town pays homage with a Viking Centre that you can wander and marvel in.

The Trump Card Points Winner and Judges Choice has gone to Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain


By adding the points of of all Trump cards, we came out with Ronda, Spain the clear judges choice for top honors.

High in the Andalusian Mountains in Spain, many villages have a very distinct white-washed look to them earning them the name the Pueblos Blancos. Standing amongst them is Spain’s oldest city, Ronda that has epic spanning bridges overlooking the El Tajo Canyon that is 100 metres deep. The city straddles the canyon and connected by old bridges dating back to the 14th Century that offers a complete new experience for the visitor. This sandstone covered city will certainly give you the cultural experience as you tuck into tapas and wine on a rooftop terrace as you watched the blazing sun set into the canyon.

Although no British destinations placed in the top 10,  Portree, Scotland was ranked as the highest voted British destination.

Portree, Scotland


You cannot get more Scottish at Portree, the main town on the Isle of Skye, which serves as a bustling port, a gateway to beautiful nature reserves and the ultimate Scottish culture centre. A wondrous bird watching experience can be found here where you can spot rare birds while you explore the panoramic beauty of the Trottemish Ridge to stumble upon weird rock formations aptly known as The Old Man of Storr and Kilt Rock. Why not appreciate the scenery altogether with a pony-trek to the peaks of the Skye hills?


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Have a look at all destinations in our gallery of the Best Big-Time Small Destinations ranked by placement.


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