2011 – A Year in Hotel News

Hotels have always been silent witnesses to plenty of stories; trashed rooms and unfortunate events are common and 2011 was no different: From kidnappings to questionable incidents caused by high-profile politicians, hotel rooms and lobbies were once again the perfect setting for such occurrences.

But since hotel brawls started by celebrities are so common nowadays, here we bring you a monthly summary of the best and most unusual stories of the hotel industry in 2011

The following events were made public during the provided months.

January – The “Garbage” Hotel Opens in Madrid

The Garabage Hotel

On January 19th the Save the Beach hotel made its debut in the Spanish capital. The hotel is made of the garbage collected in European beaches and was designed by German artist H.A Schult. The hotel continues to organize garbage collection days in different European beaches and remains focused on raising awareness on beach pollution.

*Video only available in Spanish:

February – Luxury Hotel for Dogs Opens in France

The Actuel Dogs opened in February. The Parisian hotel for dogs offers luxury services for man’s best friend. Your dog will be treated as royalty and interact with fellow canines

*Video only available in French:

March – Hotel for Plants unveiled in Madrid

hotel for plants

Hotels for dogs, cats and even chickens are known to exist but a hotel for plants? A popular mall in the Spanish capital saw the birth of a hotel for plants. The hotel was open until August and served as a safe refuge for plants whose owners had left on vacation. Plant owners could even monitor their babies via webcam from anywhere in the world.

April – A Hotel Shaped like Ping Pong Paddle planned in China

Nowhere else could this amazing idea make more sense. The Huainan Municipal Bureau of Sports revealed its plans to create an Olympic park in which one the main attractions would be a ping-pong-paddle shaped hotel!

We all know China’s love for the sport:

May – French Politician and Head of IMF Dominique Strauss Kahn accused of Sexual Assault in New York – Chocolate Suite Unveiled in Paris

Designed by German fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld, the chocolate suite in this famous Luxury hotel in Paris needed 10 tons of chocolate for its creation.

A little too sweet?

June – New York City Hotels Install Panic Buttons for Housekeepers

Panic Button for NYC Housekeeepers

Following a string of high-profile cases, some New York City hotels decided to provide housekeepers with a panic button and whistles.

No room for whistles in the 21st century:

July – Snore Patrol introduced in European Hotels

cute dog sleeping

Following repeated complaints by sleep-deprived guests, the popular hotel chain Crowne Plaza introduced Snore Patrols. Snore officers monitor all floors looking for noisy guests and as soon as the “snoremeter” reaches sleep-disrupting levels, they knock on the offender’s door to wake him up. Snore absorbing rooms have also been made available in case the snorefest continues.

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August – Rembrandt Drawing Stolen from California Hotel

As reported by The Guardian, an original Rembrandt sketch was stolen at an exhibition in a California hotel. The “well-planned heist”, as police called it, took place after the curator was distracted by a potential buyer. The sketch was later found in A California church.

September – Bubbletree hotel opens in France

The capsules allow you to gaze at the stars while lying in Bed. Air is constantly being pumped into the capsule to help it maintain its shape and improve air quality. The bubbles have been designed by French artist Pierre Stéphane Dumas and offer a magical retreat for couples wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nothing more romantic than gazing at the stars after a romantic dinner and champagne in the beautiful and wonderful French country side!

October – Elvises left the building!

A fire alarm at a hotel in Kent, UK, triggered a most unusual event. Around 60 Elvis impersonators who were staying at the hotel had to evacuate the premises after the alarm went off. Passers-by were left with suspicious minds (wink, wink) after seeing a group of men with pompadour hair and wearing white jumpsuits.

November – Hotel Robbery Avoided Thanks to Martial Arts Experts Staying at the Hotel

An armed robber was surprised by two Martial experts while trying to escape the crime scene. The good Samaritans are Jiu Jitsu experts and forced the man to give up his weapon and surrender without a shot being fired or anybody being seriously hurt.

The CCTV video went viral on youtube.

December – Hotel to Celebrate Mayan End-of-World Party

The Hotel Maya in Long Beach California has recently announced its plans to celebrate a one in a lifetime end-of-world bash. They will also be unveiling monthly sweepstakes with monthly hotel packages and the grand prize will be an 8-day vacation with all expenses paid to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. They are also planning to release their End of World Countdown Calendar, which will count the days, hour, minutes and second until the alleged apocalyptic end of times.

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Image Credits:

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