’s Top 10 Most Amazing and Unusual Hotels

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Our readers were asked to choose the best and most unusual hotels out of 101 amazing hotels. Some of them might not offer 5-star comfort but they truly are the world’s most amazing and most unusual hotels!

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Most Amazing and Unusual Hotels:

10.- Hotel Silken Puerta America Madrid – Spain

A futuristic hotel in the Spanish capital which has been designed by world-renowned architects and artists. Don’t worry, this is one of those amazing luxury hotels which offers 5-star comfort and style for no extra rates. At the Silken Puerta America, no room is the same! Book the hotel here. To view more photos and read more info on this stunning hotel, click here.

Amazing Spain Hotels
8th Floor designed by Katrhyn Findlay
Amazing Spain Hotels
Designed by Richard Gluckman
Amazing Spain Hotels
Zaha Hadid’s rooms are amongst the most popular
Amazing Spain Hotels
Warm Colors and Amazing View. Designed by Jean Nouvel

9.- Blow Up Hall 5050 – Poland

The Blow Up Hall 5050 is another European hotel which sets a futuristic tone. Located in Poznan, Poland, the hotel does not only boast beautifully designed rooms but also makes use of 21st-century technology. Guests are handed an iPhone when they check in to open their rooms’ doors. Book this luxury hotel here.

Amazing Poland Hotels
Geometrical Furniture

 Amazing Poland Hotels

Comfort and Design
Amazing Poland Hotels
The hotel’s bar
Amazing Poland Hotels
Hotel View

8.- Kolarbyn Eco Lodge – Sweden

Back to basics. And no better place than Sweden. Kolarbyn Eco Lodge tries to minimize the environmental impact by becoming part of nature. Beautiful cabins and huts are equipped with simple but comfortable furniture and appliances. Not sure you’ll get wi-fi here… Visit the hotel’s website: Click here

Amazing Hotels Sweden
The woods
Amazing Hotels Sweden
Candlelight Dinner
Amazing Hotels Sweden
Not as cold as it seems
Amazing Hotels Sweden
Cozy Bedroom

7.- Thorngrove Manor – Australia

From futuristic to natural to royal. Thorngrove Manor is a beautiful property in Adelaide Hills, Australia. Its beautiful decor and impressive facade attract guests from all over the world. Visit the hotel’s website: Book here: Thorngrove Manor.

Amazing Hotels Australia
Fairy Tale Entrance to Hotel
Amazing Hotels Australia
Fit for the Royalty
Amazing Hotels Australia
A Home Away from Home
Amazing Hotels Australia
Romantic Australia

6.- The Boot Hotel – New Zealand

It starts getting unusual from here on. Sleep inside a boot in New Zealand. Your experience will be enhanced by the beautiful green surroundings and countryside lifestyle. Visit the hotel’s website:

Amazing Hotels New Zealand
The boot Hotel’s Facade
Amazing Hotels New Zealand
Boot Breakfast
Amazing Hotels New Zealand
Get away from the hustle and bustle
Amazing Hotels New Zealand
Comfort inside the Boot

5.- Dog Bark Park Inn – USA

Cottonwood, Idaho. Whereas many might not have heard about Cottonwood, their most famous Beagle has been featured on news shows, magazines and blogs all over the world. The famous B&B takes the “pet-friendly hotel” term to a new level. Visit the hotel’s website:

Amazing US Hotels
Spend a night inside the world’s biggest beagle
Amazing US Hotels
A pet friendly B&B
Amazing US Hotels
Get your souvenirs from the hotel’s store
Amazing US Hotels
Beautiful green areas surround Cottonwood’s most famous Beagle

4.- Museumotel – France

The museumotel in France is a truly unique piece of art. Designed by Pascal Haüserman in the 1960′s as the summer annex of a bigger hotel, the place was converted into the museumotel in 2006 and has since enjoyed the popularity and success it always deserved. Its interiors have a pop-art atmosphere and each bubble has a different theme. All images provided by Museumotel. © SARL Museumotel – SCI Modules. Visit the hotel’s website:

Amazing Hotels France

Truly unusual
Amazing Hotels France
Funky Interiors
Amazing Hotels France
A romantic getaway
Amazing Hotels France
Colourful bubbles

3.- Hotel de Glace – Canada

To begin our top 3 is the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada. The beautiful and unusual property is one of the few actual ice hotels and the only one of its kind in North America. Work has been under way for the upcoming season since June, when the hotel last melted and made its way into the St. Lawrence river. The upcoming season opens on January 6th. Visit the hotel’s website: Book here: Ice Hotel.

Amazing Canada Hotels
Impressive Igloo-like Facades at the Ice Hotel
Amazing Canada Hotels
Cozy and Warm Interiors
Amazing Canada hotels
Indoor Hall
Amazing Canada hotels
Beautifully decorated rooms

2.- Anantara Golden Triangle – Thailand

Some hotels captivated our readers’ sense of curiosity thanks to their unusual architecture but some of the less unusual earned their votes thanks to their beauty and magnificence. The Anantara Golden Triangle is the best example of this. Being located in the beautiful Golden Triangle should be enough to make it stand out but coupled with amazing structures and unique experiences, the Anantara Resort provides the perfect balance between uniqueness and luxury. Book here: Anantara Golden Triangle

Amazing Hotels
Another pet-friendly hotel
Amazing Hotels
The Impressive Hotel Lobby
Amazing Hotels Thailand
Romantic dinner anyone?
Amazing Hotels Thailand
Beautiful interiors at the Anantara Golden Triangle

1.- Karosta Prison – Latvia

*Drumrolls* And the world’s most amazing and unusual hotel of 2011 is… the Karosta Prison. This former KGB prison has been previously described as hell on Earth. Nobody knows exactly what went down behind the walls of the former Soviet penitentiary but the cast of the US Television Show “Ghosthunters International” called it the site with the most paranormal activity in the world. Sound scary? It sure does to us! Some people have gathered the courage to spend the night in the prison and most have interesting stories to tell. Would you be brave enough to give it a try? Visit the hotel’s website:


Amazing Hotels Latvia
Waiting for you with arms wide open
Amazing Hotels Latvia
Amazing Hotels Latvia
No en-suite facilities but, hey…
Amazing Hotels Latvia
Karosta Prison has been described as Hell on Earth


From haunted prisons to romantic and luxurious getaways, this list not only provides the most unique, unusual and amazing hotels in the world but also some of the best. If you were to stay in each of these hotels, you’d be able to experience everything: from being treated as a prisoner to being treated as royalty.

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    You would of never thought a prison would be the number one most amazing hotel in the world. Who would want to sleep there it looks very uncomfortable but somehow looks like a blast.

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    I would totally do the prison deal. Maybe find myself some ghosts. The Ice Hotel is super cool as well. Went last year. Very interesting experience. If you want to stay in Montreal proper and have a great experience go to Le Saint Sulpice Hotel ( for accomodation. It’s not so much a weird hotel, Montreal doesn’t do much of that, but it will give anyone with a taste for luxury suites exactly what they want. Its location is super, rooms are great, spa to die for…

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