From Abominable Snowman to Adorable Sandman – How to Book the Perfect “Yetaway”!

After the first Yeti sighting was reported and we were sent the pictures to prove it, we were able to decipher the message the abominable snowman was trying to convey to us humans. All thanks to our readers!

Here you’ll find what we thought were the best captions written under each image. Unfortunately, none of our English speaking participants gathered enough votes to win the hotel stay and beat their competitors from the French and German blogs.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t try! Some of the funniest and most creative comments (in our humble opinion) can be found below!

The winners can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Omni Dallas Hotel – Everything is Bigger in Texas!

image courtesy of Omni Hotels

On 11/11/11 another gem was unveiled to grace the already exclusive and impressive line of Dallas hotels. Owned by the city of Dallas, the Omni Dallas Hotel opened 2 years after the groundbreaking and was completed two months ahead of schedule and under budget. The hotel has 1,001 rooms, 65 of which are luxury suites and three presidential suites.

A Closer Look at The Balmoral Hotel- Edinburgh, Scotland

Originally opened in 1902, The Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh is a 5-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. Its rich history is defined by its majestic Victorian architecture. Known simply as the N.B. or North British Hotel, Balmoral has kept with the tradition of giving its clients the finest accommodation and lodging services.


Memorable Travel Quotes Gone Bad

What would happen if you took some of the most inspiring travel quotes and translated them from English to another language and then to another and then to another and then to another… and then back to English?

Well, that’s exactly what we have done and we now proudly present:


The top 10 most inspiring and badly translated travel quotes



Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days

With two of the biggest beer festivals in full swing (and less than 180 km away!), we take a look at what other travel news are coming from around the world.


So you want to go to Oktoberfest?

Hotels within stumbling distance of the world-famous beer tents

Its’s time for the biggest party in Germany, Oktoberfest 2011! We’ve narrowed the list of Munich’s many hotels down to those within safe stumbling distance of the Oktoberfest grounds. Take a look at the hotels after the jump to discover the amount of Bavarian Beer you can stomach while still making it safely back to the hotel lobby!

View Oktoberfest in a larger map


Brunching and Lunching in True London Style

Grumpy no more.  Well, only as long as I have my regular skinny flat white in the morning.  The café & brunching lifestyle is carried out so well by the English. Perhaps originating from the Full English breakfast heritage or their excellence in extravagant high teas. Whatever the reason, London locals love the ritual of eating a hearty breakfast and I am more than happy to join in.

After taking part in extensive research, I’ve come up with my own guide to top cafés in London. All of which offer delicious macchiatos, espressos and cappuccinos  alongside an equally satisfying food menu.


Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days

photo by podknox

Outside the temperature is a whopping 31 degrees Celsius. It might actually be the first day this year when it’s actually felt like summer in Germany. But the stories we’re bringing today have nothing to do with sandy beaches or fruity cocktails. Rather, they tell about frigid temperatures and arctic creatures. So, are sunny skies and scorching weather overrated? Read and discover what our featured travelers think about it. (more…)

Weird and Wonderful Events: Horses, snorkels and (wacky) automobiles with tomato topping

The Rolling Cones Photo by joepyrek

Tired of the same old tourist traps? How about swimming in freshly “pressed” and “squeezed” tomato juice? Or crossing one third of the world’s surface in (or maybe even on) your grandma’s car? These wacky but wonderful events attract thousands of people every year and allow you to have a more memorable experience than staring at a postcard-sized, glass-encased and tourist-mobbed Mona Lisa. (more…)

Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days

Photo by Tambako The Jaguar

Seven more days have passed and now we are exactly three hundred and sixty four days away from the Olympic Games in London. While some people have been sitting in their offices or at home, others, such as Matthew from have been going to some of the most exclusive parties. Check out why you might want to double check the dress code before you think of going to this party. (more…)