Brunching and Lunching in True London Style

Grumpy no more.  Well, only as long as I have my regular skinny flat white in the morning.  The café & brunching lifestyle is carried out so well by the English. Perhaps originating from the Full English breakfast heritage or their excellence in extravagant high teas. Whatever the reason, London locals love the ritual of eating a hearty breakfast and I am more than happy to join in.

After taking part in extensive research, I’ve come up with my own guide to top cafés in London. All of which offer delicious macchiatos, espressos and cappuccinos  alongside an equally satisfying food menu.


Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days

photo by podknox

Outside the temperature is a whopping 31 degrees Celsius. It might actually be the first day this year when it’s actually felt like summer in Germany. But the stories we’re bringing today have nothing to do with sandy beaches or fruity cocktails. Rather, they tell about frigid temperatures and arctic creatures. So, are sunny skies and scorching weather overrated? Read and discover what our featured travelers think about it. (more…)

Weird and Wonderful Events: Horses, snorkels and (wacky) automobiles with tomato topping

The Rolling Cones Photo by joepyrek

Tired of the same old tourist traps? How about swimming in freshly “pressed” and “squeezed” tomato juice? Or crossing one third of the world’s surface in (or maybe even on) your grandma’s car? These wacky but wonderful events attract thousands of people every year and allow you to have a more memorable experience than staring at a postcard-sized, glass-encased and tourist-mobbed Mona Lisa. (more…)

Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days

Photo by Tambako The Jaguar

Seven more days have passed and now we are exactly three hundred and sixty four days away from the Olympic Games in London. While some people have been sitting in their offices or at home, others, such as Matthew from have been going to some of the most exclusive parties. Check out why you might want to double check the dress code before you think of going to this party. (more…)

Just have a look at first prize!

Why get involved in the photo contest?  Well, just have a look at First Prize! 

The winner of our new photo contest will receive a complimentary 4 night stay for four people at the hotel Come Inn Kurfürstendamm Berlin Opera, in Berlin!

Around The Blogosphere in Seven Days blog

 Image courtesy of extranoise
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Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days

Photo by Maha-Online

We continue to scour the blogosphere for interesting and cool travel stories and while many of our favorite travel bloggers are either on vacation (yes, really, on vacation) or honeymoons, they admirably keep bringing us their stories or pictures. (more…)

Calling all budding photographers!

The challenge is on with our new Friends & Holidays photo contest.  Enter to be in the running to WIN one of two holidays or an Epson Stylus photo printer!

Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days – Canada Day Edition

Photo by Alex Indigo

This week Canada celebrates its 144th birthday and William and Kate are in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, to help Canadians celebrate Canada Day. Our gift to the “true north strong and free” comes thanks to our freinds from who give us some tips on how to enjoy Canadian summers. (more…)

Around the Blogosphere in Seven Days

Photo by Argenberg

Another week has passed and more travel news are coming out of the blogosphere. This week we’ve got amazing photography, awesome tips and even new designs!

Our friend Nellie from is not only boasting a cool new desgin to her blog but she has also introduced new sections, such as her daily photoblog. This one from June 20 shows us the Tucuman Mountains in Argentina.

We’ve been bringing you some info and pics of Jordan lately, courtesy of wildjunket. This week photographer Ken Kaminesky is sharing a very detailed photoblog with jawdropping images about his trip to Petra. Awesome tips + Beautiful Photography =

Shamis from is also bringing some interesting stuff to the mix and tells us what to expect in foreign toilets.

And, finally, after showing us the ten best European cities, Karen from went ahead and recommended ten more! Read all about them and vote for your favorite European city to visit.

We’ll see you next week with more travel news from around the world. Don’t forget to check out the world’s most amazing hotels and pick your favorite!