Presents Housewives Tips for Hoteliers to Clean Up Annoyances

What hoteliers should know about their customers reviews Although we know that hotel reviews like “The filthiest 4-Star-Hotel I’ve ever seen” are a thorn in every hotelier’s eye, they shouldn’t be read over carelessly. After all, 90% of customers are using hotel reviews to support…

Are you a City Insider? is looking for you!

Do you love your city? Are you creative? Do you like to write? is looking for city insiders! An audience of millions awaits your stories! And did you know your knowledge is worth a 500 EUR Hotel voucher?! What is this about? Do you…
Princess Guide - Beauty Tipps

Footballers become Princesses!

Even footballers could become a Princess for the day with these beauty tips… Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth I kicking a football to her fellow team-mate Princess Diana who will cross it to Margaret Thatcher who headbutts it into the net? We sure can. Today,…

More than Soccer: It’s Brazil!

In 2014, the country of football not only acts as the star of the movie, but also the cinema itself. Brazil will host the greatest football competition in history, one of the biggest sporting events, which handles various economic sectors, especially the hotel industry. While…
Hotel Voucher Shop

Hotel. Vouchers. Mission: The Perfect Voucher Design Contest: Send us your voucher and win! has announced a design contest on the occasion of the newly launched voucher shop. Participants have the chance to win a hotel voucher valued at a generous 500 EUR! Also, the winner’s design will…
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