#thedaywefigtback- Surveillance Free Hotels- Cover

Protect yourself from the intelligence agencies- Surveillance Proof Your Hotel Room

  Hotel.info has some advice on how to handle sinster eavesdropping from the NSA and other mysterious intelligence agencies.…
Europe's BEst Big-Time Small Destinations 2014 -hotel.info

Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destinations

VOTE for the best towns, villages and small cities Europe has to offer hotel.info has teamed up to with Globalgrasshopper.com to feature some of our favourite European travel destinations in 2014. These are our picks for some of Europe’s best destinations off the beaten path…
Beverley_Pack Your Passport

Dream Christmas Getaways from our Favourite Travel Bloggers

Here at Hotel.Info we’re always on the look out for new, exciting holiday destinations – especially over the festive period when it can be all too easy to stay cooped up inside. We decided to ask a few of our favourite travel bloggers where they…
British Brews

The Rise of the UK Brewery and the Great British Beer

Never before has Britain been so in love with Beer. Of course – it’s something the Brits have always been famous for, and the beer in the UK is arguably the best in the world (and always has been). In recent years though, a new…
Sightseeing in Barcelona

A Special Barcelona Weekend

A special anniversary weekend in Barcelona… Barcelona definitely seems to be a favourite destination for romantic getaways. It’s stupendously easy to get to from the UK and it’s one of those cities that you just relax into as soon as you step off the plane.…
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