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Hi-Tech Hotels

The Future Is Now for These Tech Friendly Hotels and Their Guests

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Heat sensor tracking systems, responsive lighting, and in room video surveillance at your hotel all sound as if they have been lifted from science fiction, when in reality many luxury hotels have equipped their rooms with these cutting edge technologies.

Gadgets found in hi-tech hotels intend to make a guest’s stay as comfortable and hassle free as possible. How do you enter a room when the door has no handles, as in the Blow Up Hall 50/50 in Poznan?
Need a shave and the latest news while you are preparing for that big meeting? A TV in the bathroom mirror, like the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami could help.

Explore our graphic guide to hi-tech hotels to see the lengths hotels will go to in order to keep pace with the latest technologies, all for the benefit of guests.

Hi-tech hotels



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