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Outside the temperature is a whopping 31 degrees Celsius. It might actually be the first day this year when it’s actually felt like summer in Germany. But the stories we’re bringing today have nothing to do with sandy beaches or fruity cocktails. Rather, they tell about frigid temperatures and arctic creatures. So, are sunny skies and scorching weather overrated? Read and discover what our featured travelers think about it.

After enjoying the pristine waters of Mauritius and the beautiful landscapes in Madagascar, Nellie spent a couple of days at home and then set off to get to enjoy the “warmth” of the midnight sun and get ready for her next adventure: an arctic expedition. Follow the link to find out why the arctic “left a deep imprint in her memories”. Warning: if you never thought of going to the arctic, you’re going to change your mind.

For a seasoned traveler and adventurer, one of the most difficult questions they usually have to face is: “What is the best thing you’ve ever done?”. Ayngelina from didn’t seem to find the answer until she went snorkeling with Belugas in Manitoba, Canada. Don’t believe me? Click and see her reaction!

But alas! for the rest of us on the sane side of the northern hemisphere, there still is a summer to enjoy. David and Helen are back in business and are now in California and they are showing off their amazing photography with these beautiful pictures of Venice Beach.

Finally, to get a glimpse of why Nellie from had such a powerful and rejuvenating experience, watch the following video by TSO Photography:

The Arctic Light from TSO Photography.

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