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    • Looking for your next big break? allows users to upload films from their travels with easy editing for professional quality. Top contributors don’t just receive gift certificates for iTunes, Amazon and American Airlines miles, they can also apply for sponsored travel as official “TripVloggers”.


  • Shock! Hotel Room Horror! “Wookie Eyebrows Run Wild”!

Geraldine from sets a scene of hotel room horror. The culprit? The all- too-knowing eye of your hotel room magnifying mirror.

In addition to your usual hotel check-in demands of a  bowl of M&M’s (browns removed), new toilet seats and Flintstones chewable vitamins follow her suggestions to deal with this magnifying  menace of mirror-dom.


  • Long lines at the ticket counter? Well misery loves company. Guillaume over at checks out funny check in’s at airports and train stations from users.


  • Venice is for lovers or is it Virginia? Regardless, the company charged with providing love and maintenance for the city shows us “How Venice Works” from canals to the buildings. Take the time to watch this fascinating video.
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