The international hotel breakfast comparison of

The most important meal of the day – hot and greasy

The first meal of the day was considered the most important one for a long time.
However, what we’re having for our initial meal varies from culture to culture. While some prefer the sweet option, others may tend to have a breakfast to go. Moreover, some people completely skip the culinary start of their day. Nowadays estimations say that between 10 to 30 percent of people spare breakfast, depending on origin and age. asked 1.155 people from seven nations – England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Brazil – about their eating habits when they’re travelling. With interesting results.

Hotel Breakfast Hot and Greasy


The Ultimate Christmas Market Guide

HOTEL.INFO presents the nicest Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas Markets – who does not immediately think white snow, hot mulled wine and roasted almonds? We have selected the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe and summarized them for you in a slideshow.

More detailed information about the Christmas Markets

Winchester Christmas Market
Instead of visiting the bigger cities in the UK, why not try something slightly off the beaten track. Winchester is a beautiful city in ...

London Winter Wonderland
If you visit London this Christmas, you will see the British capital city transformed into a scene from a fairytale. As one of the ...

Christmas market at the „Dörfli – Zürich”
The origins of this Christmas market go all the way back to the 1950’s. Therefore, it’s the oldest Züricher Christmas market. It takes place in ...

Culture and Christmas market Schloss Schönbrunn
Get that Christmassy feeling in front of an impressive imperial setting! The Culture and Christmas market Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna has been held at the ...

Striezelmarkt Dresden
The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. Traditionally, it takes place in the Altmarkt, directly located in the city center. ...

Munich Christkindlmarkt
The Christkindlmarkt is the oldest and most famous Christmas market around Munich. At the Marienplatz, there are 174 vendors selling Christmassy decorations, clothing and food. ...

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt
Opening Times November 28th – December 24th Open every day from 10am to 9pm Exceptions: November 28th Grand Opening at 5:30 pm December 24th 10am – 2 pm History/General ...
More Analyzes 20,000 Negative Hotel Reviews

Unsatisfied with your hotel? Know how to address problems and make complaints!

When you’ve hoped for a relaxing stay but get sleepless nights instead, it’s understandable that you’ll be upset. Guests tend to vent their frustration and disappointment afterwards through the process of writing hotel reviews which in most cases sound like the following:

“Hotel room: has-been and musty, moldy smell, unhygienic carpet, urine smells from the showerbase. Something between a fleabag and a hot-sheet hotel. I was scared of getting some kind of disease here. Supposedly the bedding was changed only after a few guests had already stayed in the room….as were the towels…Horror!!”

Given the importance and popularity of hotel reviews, we saw an opportunity to figure out what annoys hotel guests the most. After reading and analyzing 20,000 hotel reviews from written between 2012 till now, we found our “winners” (or should we call them “losers”):

A lack of cleanliness, poor services and paltry breakfast buffets.

You probably want to know what to do if you’re experiencing one of the issues listed above. That’s where our expert tips come in handy!

Do you know how to address problems with hotels when travelling?

Besides revealing some really gross experiences in our slide show we’ll also give some good advice on how to address problems and make effective complaints.

Since we’ve only provided the shorter version of our tips you might be interested in reading our more comprehensive list. But be aware those are only tips, not guarantees.

How and when should you make complaints about your hotel? Well here is the advise from our legal expert, Holger Hopperdietzel:

Holger Hopperdietzel„ For travelers on an all-expenses paid tour it’s mandatory to address the tour operator with complaints. Complaining only to hotel staff won’t be enough to report shortcomings and claim compensation. Moreover any problems need to be reported immediately. Waiting until the end of your stay might lead to a loss of rights.
If the hotel stay isn’t part of your all-expenses paid tour you need to report the issue to the staff of the hotel. Again, it’s essential to report any problems as soon as you find them. “

Having found a reason to complain, you may well want to ask for a reduction in the price of your room:

Holger Hopperdietzel„ One can take a reduction of price into consideration if there is ‘an objectively identifiable deviation’ between what is contractually owed and what is actually offered. In other words, the condition of a room and the services available clearly do not match the description provided by the hotel when making your booking or fail to meet standards you can reasonably expect at the price you are paying. Only if the deviation is so insignificant that it can be called an acceptable interference is it unreasonable to seek compensation of some kind.
Typical issues justifying a reduction in price are: construction noise that wasn’t indicated when making the booking, broken and unusable utility installations such as showers and heaters, and non-functioning AC in your room. Take care to check all these were covered in the hotel’s contractual agreement though.
Switching to another hotel is a completely different story. You may demand this when your tour operator didn’t manage to remedy a problem by a specific deadline. The same basically applies for individual travelers as well. However be aware that at that time any additional costs have to be paid by you as a guest so it will be necessary to seek a refund later. For individual travelers, depending on the local legal situation it might be possible to file a lawsuit at the site of the hotel. If you’re travelling on an all-inclusive package you will have an advantage in that you’ll be able to sue the tour operator who will most likely be from your home country and therefore covered by legislation there. “

How much of a reduction in the original price can you expect?
If there are specific issues with your room or the hotel has failed to provide certain utilities and services, you may want to try and calculate how much should be taken off your bill. Unfortunately, for most countries there is no standardized list of problems and the amount of compensation they would incur. What you will want to take into account are things such as:

  • a loss of value – you expected you would be provided with a certain level of quality and comfort for the price you were paying
  • extra expenses that you incurred as a result of the hotel’s failure to provide certain services
  • discomfort, and any consequences of that discomfort resulting from the problems with your hotel – legally, things such as dirty, broken or unsafe fittings mean that the hotel may have failed in its duty of care
  • if you have paid with a credit card, your credit card company may have to pay you back

Be warned, there’s no such thing as a unified international code for hotels. Therefore you should know whom to address about problems and issues with hotels when abroad.

Holger Hopperdietzel„ Again, travelling on an all-expenses paid tour gives you the advantage of having a tour operator responsible for everything. Basically, you can rely on the performance description or on agreements made within the travel contract to ensure that any complaint is given due consideration. Therefore if you made a contract with a tour operator from your home country you don’t need to worry about the legislation and complaints procedures of the country you’re travelling to. If you are organizing everything by yourself you should learn as much as you can about the hotel from its own performance description as this is the foundation of your booking. You should also seek information from objective, third-party sources. A useful source of information might be sites were hotels etc. can be rated. But be aware that texts sounding too professional and overwhelmingly positive might be written by hoteliers themselves. “

Short notice from the editor’s board
If you’re in any doubt, it’s a pretty good idea to take some photos as evidence and have some impartial witnesses to confirm what you’ve experienced!

Good to know!
It is important to be as factual and accurate as possible in writing any review. Other people will be making decisions about whether to stay in a hotel based on what you say, and from a legal point of view if you say something that is inaccurate and leads to a hotel losing business or that harms its reputation there is a possibility a legal case could be brought against you. Repeated criticisms and attacks against somebody could even be treated as harassment. However, disputes about negative reviews are unlikely to go this far and a review that is considered to be unreasonable or abusive may simply be deleted from the website it was posted on.

Positive reviews outweigh negative ones

For all of you who thought a lack of service, friendliness and cleanliness are what count as courteous nowadays, don’t worry! Fortunately most hotel guests are perfectly happy with their accommodation and the service offered. They tend to write overwhelmingly positive and grateful reviews like this one:

“From start to finish employees were friendly and obliging. Superb, quiet and clean lodgings. Breakfast was quite good – unfortunately we couldn’t make it to try your “legendary” cakes but we did have a look when they were being prepared. Thanks again for everything!”

And now it’s time to present some excellent, heavenly resorts where service and cleanliness reign supreme and employees are highly motivated to ensure you have a relaxing stay.

3 Recommendations

EN-Arora Hotel ManchesterArora Hotel Manchester

“Excellent hotel at good price and perfectly located in the city centre”

Novotel London City South H3269Novotel London City South

“Nice, clean, decent hotel that has good and large rooms especially for London’s conditions. Subway in about 8 minutes walk. Along the Thames there are lots of nice restaurants and pubs.” (Translated by Google)

EN-Sofitel London HeathrowSofitel London Heathrow

“The quietest room I’ve ever slept in and sublimely comfortable beds. Pretty good value room service.Very convenient for an early morning flight.” Presents Housewives Tips for Hoteliers to Clean Up Annoyances

What hoteliers should know about their customers reviews

Although we know that hotel reviews like “The filthiest 4-Star-Hotel I’ve ever seen” are a thorn in every hotelier’s eye, they shouldn’t be read over carelessly.


After all, 90% of customers are using hotel reviews to support their decision prior to booking.

We had a close look at the negative hotel reviews on written from 2012 to present day and took them as an incentive to create housewives’ tips for Hoteliers. Besides pointing out the top 10 annoyances of every hotel guest, we’re also giving some pretty clever and easy to follow advice, in order to enhance service and cleanliness. Regardless of whether dealing with mould in the bathroom or blood stains on bed sheets, we know how to remove even the most persistent mess.


Are you a City Insider? is looking for you!

Do you love your city? Are you creative? Do you like to write? is looking for city insiders! An audience of millions awaits your stories!

And did you know your knowledge is worth a 500 EUR Hotel voucher?!

Header zur Insider Ihrer Stadt!

What is this about?

Do you live, study or work in a city and are street-smart?

Footballers become Princesses!


Even footballers could become a Princess for the day with these beauty tips…

Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth I kicking a football to her fellow team-mate Princess Diana who will cross it to Margaret Thatcher who headbutts it into the net? We sure can.

Today, we see women’s football become more and more prominent in the sport media. However, women are more commonly associated with beauty and fashion but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be footballers. Even male footballers today preen themselves keenly throughout advertisements promoting beauty products that have now coined the term metrosexual.

Even you can inspire yourself, whether you are a man or woman, from these fantastic tips whether you are after a body to feel glamorous in, a skin to feel smooth and wonderful, the perfect brown tan or even simply a massage to help with your posture. So, let’s discover these tips used by the role models that are successful.

So if you are also a princess or a footballer, here you have your beauty tips!



More than Soccer: It’s Brazil!

In 2014, the country of football not only acts as the star of the movie, but also the cinema itself. Brazil will host the greatest football competition in history, one of the biggest sporting events, which handles various economic sectors, especially the hotel industry.

While in the midst of controversies related to the reliability of investments in facilities first to host the worldwide football game, Brazil, not only, very confident in winning another title, but also in attracting tourists and football fanatics.

In fact, tourism is one of the main motivations to encourage foreigners to come to Brazil, even in midwinter. But this stimulus will also boost the internal market and invite the Brazilians to enjoy the games and discover their own country.

So, we, from Hotel.Info, want to give a little help for those who either bought their tickets to the World Cup and for those who just want an excuse to travel the giant that is South America. We will provide interesting information about the host cities where the games take place, and also about some cities that will host participating teams.

There are 12 host cities: Rio de Janeiro ( RJ ), São Paulo ( SP ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Porto Alegre ( RS ), Brasília ( DF ), Cuiabá ( MT ), Curitiba ( PR ), Fortaleza (CE ), Manaus ( AM ), Natal ( RN ), Recife ( PE ) and Salvador ( BA ).

This little bit of Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. Its geophysical diversity has almost the same proportion that to its cultural variety. It is impossible to define a single ethnic origin of Brazilians, as it is unlikely to comment on the typical dish of the national cuisine.

Brazilie3Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Gabriel Novaes)


Hotel. Vouchers. Mission: The Perfect Voucher Design Contest: Send us your voucher and win! has announced a design contest on the occasion of the newly launched voucher shop.

Participants have the chance to win a hotel voucher valued at a generous 500 EUR! Also, the winner’s design will permanently be available as a voucher template in the voucher shop with the winner’s name on it.


What is it about?

Looking for a gift? Then you’re in good company with our colleagues Zuzana, Claudia, Clark and Manuel.

Unfortunately, being all thumbs and fingers, they have failed making their spontaneous handicrafts.

We are sure you can do much better than them!

Show us your talent and take part in the design contest!


Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014 is…

Winner Title Graphic



Protect yourself from the intelligence agencies- Surveillance Proof Your Hotel Room

#thedaywefigtback- Surveillance Free Hotels- Cover has some advice on how to handle sinster eavesdropping from the NSA and other mysterious intelligence agencies.