Presents Housewives Tips for Hoteliers to Clean Up Annoyances

What hoteliers should know about their customers reviews

Although we know that hotel reviews like “The filthiest 4-Star-Hotel I’ve ever seen” are a thorn in every hotelier’s eye, they shouldn’t be read over carelessly.


After all, 90% of customers are using hotel reviews to support their decision prior to booking.

We had a close look at the negative hotel reviews on written from 2012 to present day and took them as an incentive to create housewives’ tips for Hoteliers. Besides pointing out the top 10 annoyances of every hotel guest, we’re also giving some pretty clever and easy to follow advice, in order to enhance service and cleanliness. Regardless of whether dealing with mould in the bathroom or blood stains on bed sheets, we know how to remove even the most persistent mess.


Are you a City Insider? is looking for you!

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What is this about?

Do you live, study or work in a city and are street-smart?

Footballers become Princesses!


Even footballers could become a Princess for the day with these beauty tips…

Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth I kicking a football to her fellow team-mate Princess Diana who will cross it to Margaret Thatcher who headbutts it into the net? We sure can.

Today, we see women’s football become more and more prominent in the sport media. However, women are more commonly associated with beauty and fashion but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be footballers. Even male footballers today preen themselves keenly throughout advertisements promoting beauty products that have now coined the term metrosexual.

Even you can inspire yourself, whether you are a man or woman, from these fantastic tips whether you are after a body to feel glamorous in, a skin to feel smooth and wonderful, the perfect brown tan or even simply a massage to help with your posture. So, let’s discover these tips used by the role models that are successful.

So if you are also a princess or a footballer, here you have your beauty tips!



More than Soccer: It’s Brazil!

In 2014, the country of football not only acts as the star of the movie, but also the cinema itself. Brazil will host the greatest football competition in history, one of the biggest sporting events, which handles various economic sectors, especially the hotel industry.

While in the midst of controversies related to the reliability of investments in facilities first to host the worldwide football game, Brazil, not only, very confident in winning another title, but also in attracting tourists and football fanatics.

In fact, tourism is one of the main motivations to encourage foreigners to come to Brazil, even in midwinter. But this stimulus will also boost the internal market and invite the Brazilians to enjoy the games and discover their own country.

So, we, from Hotel.Info, want to give a little help for those who either bought their tickets to the World Cup and for those who just want an excuse to travel the giant that is South America. We will provide interesting information about the host cities where the games take place, and also about some cities that will host participating teams.

There are 12 host cities: Rio de Janeiro ( RJ ), São Paulo ( SP ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Porto Alegre ( RS ), Brasília ( DF ), Cuiabá ( MT ), Curitiba ( PR ), Fortaleza (CE ), Manaus ( AM ), Natal ( RN ), Recife ( PE ) and Salvador ( BA ).

This little bit of Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. Its geophysical diversity has almost the same proportion that to its cultural variety. It is impossible to define a single ethnic origin of Brazilians, as it is unlikely to comment on the typical dish of the national cuisine.

Brazilie3Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Gabriel Novaes)


Hotel. Vouchers. Mission: The Perfect Voucher Design Contest: Send us your voucher and win! has announced a design contest on the occasion of the newly launched voucher shop.

Participants have the chance to win a hotel voucher valued at a generous 500 EUR! Also, the winner’s design will permanently be available as a voucher template in the voucher shop with the winner’s name on it.


What is it about?

Looking for a gift? Then you’re in good company with our colleagues Zuzana, Claudia, Clark and Manuel.

Unfortunately, being all thumbs and fingers, they have failed making their spontaneous handicrafts.

We are sure you can do much better than them!

Show us your talent and take part in the design contest!


Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014 is…

Winner Title Graphic



Protect yourself from the intelligence agencies- Surveillance Proof Your Hotel Room

#thedaywefigtback- Surveillance Free Hotels- Cover has some advice on how to handle sinster eavesdropping from the NSA and other mysterious intelligence agencies.


Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destinations

VOTE for the best towns, villages and small cities Europe has to offer

Top 52-Europe's Best Big-Time Small Destinations has teamed up to with to feature some of our favourite European travel destinations in 2014. These are our picks for some of Europe’s best destinations off the beaten path with under 100,000 inhabitants.

Choose your favourite and get ready to plan your next trip to Europe’s finest and most picturesque towns and villages.

Pick the winner of Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination fan favourite with your votes! Be sure to show your love by voting in our online contest before the February 14th closing date.

After you are finished here, head to Global Grasshoppers for Part 2.
Point system explained:

  • Hotel Reviews- Weighted score of customer reviews of all hotels in destination
  • Picture Perfect- Weighted score of images found on the web
  • Likeability- Weighted score of Facebook Likes for the city
  • #Mentions- Weighted score of Instagram “#” mentions
  • Action- Weighted score of Foursquare top recommendations
  • Adventure- Weighted score of the km distance to the nearest airport

Vote Now for All of Your Favourites in the Head to Head Match-Ups


Dream Christmas Getaways from our Favourite Travel Bloggers

Beverley_Pack Your Passport

Here at Hotel.Info we’re always on the look out for new, exciting holiday destinations – especially over the festive period when it can be all too easy to stay cooped up inside.

We decided to ask a few of our favourite travel bloggers where they would most like to jet away to this festive season, and the answers were so varied! Here is what they came up with:


The Rise of the UK Brewery and the Great British Beer

Never before has Britain been so in love with Beer. Of course – it’s something the Brits have always been famous for, and the beer in the UK is arguably the best in the world (and always has been).

In recent years though, a new drinking trend has begun, that being Micro Brewing.

Great British Beer