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Novotel Athenes
4-6, Michail Voda et Makedonias
104 39 Athens
8.3 / 10
O&B Athens Boutique Hotel
7 Leokoriou street
10554 Athens
8.5 / 10
from 110 €
Delphi Art Hotel
AG. Konstantinou Street 27
10437 Athens
5.6 / 10
from 37 €
Civitel Attik Rooms and Apartments
13-15, Eptalofou str.
15124 Athens
7.3 / 10
from 63 €
Athens Atrium Hotel & Suites
Okeanidon Street 21
11745 Athens
7.6 / 10
from 55 €
Airotel Stratos Vassilikos
114, Michalacopoulou Street
11527 Athens
7.9 / 10
from 62 €
Melia Athens
Chalkokondili 14 & October 28th Street
10677 Athens
7.4 / 10
from 69 €
Airotel Alexandros
8,Timoleontos Vassou Street
11521 Athens
6.7 / 10
from 53 €
New Hotel
16 Filellinon Str., Syntagma
10557 Athens
9.6 / 10
from 136 €
Magna Grecia Boutique Hotel
54, Mitropoleos street, Plaka
10563 Athens
6.0 / 10
from 60 €
Athens City Hotel
232, Patission Street
11256 Athens
Dekelia Hotel
Kifisias 23
13677 Athens
8.6 / 10
from 75 €
President Hotel
Kifissias Avenue 43
11523 Athens
7.1 / 10
from 60 €
Polis Grand Hotel
19 Patision and 810 Veranzerou Streets
10432 Athens
3.0 / 10
from 50 €
Periscope Hotel
22, Haritos Str.
10675 Athens
7.7 / 10
from 94 €
Metropolitan Hotel
385, Syngrou Avenue
17564 Athens
6.1 / 10
from 99 €
Hotel Dorian Inn
15-19, Pireos Str. Omonia SQ
105 52 Athens
6.3 / 10
from 45 €
Astor Hotel
Karageorgi Servias Street 16
10562 Athens
6.3 / 10
from 60 €
King Jason Hotel
26 Kolonou Street
10437 Athens
6.4 / 10
Apollonia Hotel Apartments
9 Naxou Street, Varkiza
16672 Athens
7.5 / 10
Soho Hotel
Menandrou 25
10552 Athens
7.5 / 10
The Athens Gate Hotel
10, Syngrou Avenue
11742 Athens
7.6 / 10
from 90 €
Athens Cypria Hotel
5, Diomias Street, Syntagma
15063 Athens
7.7 / 10
from 68 €
Epidavros Hotel
14 Koumoundourou Street
10437 Athens
6.7 / 10
from 30 €
Athens Zafolia Hotel
87-89, Alexandras Avenue
11474 Athens
7.0 / 10
from 74 €
Airotel Parthenon
6, Makri
11742 Athens
8.1 / 10
from 53 €
Divani Palace Acropolis
19-25 Parthenonos Str.
11742 Athens
6.8 / 10
from 82 €
Phidias Hotel
39, Apostolou Pavlou
118 51 Athens
6.2 / 10
from 43 €
Vouliagmeni Suites
8 Panos and Chlois Street
16671 Athens
from 88 €
Acropolis Ami Boutique Hotel
10 Iras
11743 Athens
7.7 / 10
from 40 €

Tons of History

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, and over the years, the city has worked very hard to preserve as much of the ruins and history as it can, which makes it a perfect place to spend a vacation.

After hosting the Summer Olympics in 2004, the city was able to really undergo a number of large renovation projects, which has helped it to increase infrastructure and transportation options all around Athens proper.

In order to get to Athens, most visitors will arrive via the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, about twenty miles outside Athens, that serves as a big hub for many European cities. Athens is also a port city and many visitors arrive via ferry from Italy, the Greek Islands and Turkey.

Must See Museums and Ruins

Any visitor who comes to Athens has to schedule a lot of time to see some of the many world class museums that the city has to offer. Some of the first stops should be to head over to the New Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum, and the Byzantine Museum.

Visitors must also take in some of the ruins that are scattered all over Athens. The Acropolis has to be one of the first places to stop by. Climb to the top and take in panoramic views of the city beyond learning about the history of the modern world. On top of the Acropolis houses some sites atop it including the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena.

Outdoor Walking Areas

Athens is also home to some really great wide open walking areas that meander between the ruins. One of the best and most well preserved is the Temple of Hephaestus, others would also include Filopappos Hill, which has some of the best views in Athens, and the Odeum of Herodes Atticus, a historic theater.

Some of the other sites to be sure to see are going to include the Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the modern Olympics, the Agora, once the main marketplace of Athens and the Plaka one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Athens.
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Greece’s Capital city is Athens. Athens on the one hand is a very historic city with numerous sights and museums, but on the other hand modern and pulsating. When visiting Athens on a short trip there are a few venues you should note down. It certainly is a must to visit the acropolis. But you should also make sure to see the Dyonisos theatre, to name only a few sights.

Due to the international airport, Athens is an important traffic junction. With regards to the infrastructure you can say that Athens has been built in a highly modern way. With Athens’ metro and its sophisticatedly worked-out suburban trains as well as the motorway interchange, it has built up a traffic system that meets the requirements of the constantly growing traffic. Athens is the venue of many tourists, but there are also many foreigners who come to Athens to live and work there.

Athens offers a lot of hotels and guesthouses. The sufficient number and diversity of the hotels makes it easy to find a suitable accommodation in Athens. The choice of nice bars, cafés and restaurants is gigantic as well. You may always stop and stay at a café to make a break during your city tour. And you can eat very well and comfortable in one of the restaurants, which offer domestic as well as international cuisine.

The main economic factors playing a role in Athens are navigation and, of course, tourism. The pharmaceutical industry has gained a foothold in Athens again, while other branches of industries wander off.

Athens is characterised by a dry and humid climate. In the summer the temperature rarely sinks in the night time.

The total population is split into the municipal Athens with 720,979 inhabitants, the prefecture of Athens with 2,664,776 inhabitants and the metropolitan area with 3,799,134 inhabitants. Athens has the postal code 100.

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    International Exhibition on Education
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