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INFORMASI PERS survey: increased trouble and strife on holiday

Most Brits and Spaniards view entertainment activities as key to a relaxing holiday. But of those British holiday-makers, very few believe in giving their partners space when on holiday. They spend as much of their holiday as possible in each others’ company, as do the Germans. Taking account of the different nationalities surveyed, the Italians fight the most on holiday. The French are the least affected by holiday discord.

London, 30 September 2009 - Summer has traditionally been the season to travel. Your holidays should be the best time of the year. Expectations are often very high. But it is during our holidays in particular that we tend to argue most, be it with the other members of our family or with friends in our group. After all, we’re just not used to spending so much time in close proximity with each other. Sometimes, even being in the best hotel just does not help either., the leading online reservation service for more than 210,000 hotels worldwide, decided to investigate this topic, and surveyed its customers on their experiences.

Here are the findings of the survey:

Great Britain

More than one-third of Brits - only beaten by the Spaniards - admitted to seeking their relaxation in places staffed with holiday reps. They deliberately pick destinations and hotels where there is plenty to do for everyone. This is a good way of avoiding having to spend too much time with the rest of their party. Nevertheless, many Brits spend as much time with each other as possible on holiday. That there will be an argument or two along the way is simply something they put up with.


Italians seem to argue the most on holiday. They are actually the greatest proponents of giving their travelling partners space, ahead of the Germans and French. At the same time, however, more Italians than any other nationality found themselves wishing the holiday could end early following a row (6% after all). The least likely to argue on holiday were the French. Only a very small percentage of them (0.66%) saw an argument on holiday as a reason to want to pack their suitcases and head home. The Spaniards were another group who enjoyed being entertained when away from home. Almost one in two said that was the way they relaxed on holiday. Despite the fact that most German holiday-makers were well aware of the increased potential for trouble and strife on their holiday, around 40% of them said they preferred to spend as much time as possible with their travelling companions. All nationalities were relatively relaxed about the prospect of going on holiday with friends. Far fewer than 10% of all nationalities said they would prefer not to go on holiday with friends, for fear of ruining the friendship.

These were the responses from more than 7,000 surveyed participants from the major European countries:

Great Britain Germany Spain Italy France
1 - On holiday, we really love the opportunity we get to spend as much time together as we can. We don't worry about the odd row here or there! 40,06% 40,36% 29,70% 32,08% 43,83%
2 - My partner and I like to give each other space on holiday. That’s the best way to relax! 5,45% 15,88% 5,45% 26,42% 13,88%
3 -When selecting our holiday destination we deliberately look for places that offer activities suitable for everyone in our party. This helps ensure that we have a relaxing holiday. 34,29% 8,64% 43,03% 19,34% 25,11%
4 - We would never go on holiday with our friends. It's too much of a risk that we would end up enemies! 6,41% 5,24% 4,24% 8,96% 3,52%
5 - We’ve certainly had occasions when we’ve argued to the extent that one of us wished that the holidays could end right then. 2,88% 2,08% 3,03% 6,13% 0,66%
6 - - We/I have never experienced anything like that! 10,90% 27,79% 14,55% 7,08% 13% is a free online hotel reservation service for corporate and private customers. The service offers more than 210,000 hotels for electronic bookings around the world. Customers booking via achieve significantly better prices in comparison with other booking channels. In addition, shows all available room prices for each hotel, so that the customer can always select the cheapest or most suitable room price. All bookings via are transferred simultaneously, securely and directly to the respective hotel’s computer. This guarantees the unique integration of each hotel’s own reservation systems (CRS or PMS) and’s own reservation system myRES into the unified user interface. At, customers seeking hotel rooms can base their decisions to book a room not only on the core information such as room price and hotel facilities, but also on the hotel reviews and ratings submitted by around 1 million hotel guests from around the world. Compared with existing rating portals, customers can rely on 100% genuine hotel ratings, since only customers who have booked and recently stayed in each hotel are asked for their opinion. Once a customer has selected an offer, the hotel is presented for direct online booking at attractive conditions, in line with the "Check & Book" claim. is the international brand of AG. This brand was created to further drive expansion within Europe. The aim is to establish throughout Europe as the leading reservation service for corporate and private customers. Today operates offices in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and China.


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