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The Price Index shows: Moscow is the world’s most expensive city for hotels, in Great Britain Birmingham is more expensive than London with Glasgow offering good value

London, 22. April 2008 – A recent analysis of overnight prices in 3-star hotels in key world cities undertaken by (the free of charge online hotel reservation service) has shown that Moscow is the most expensive hotel city in the world. A comparison of hotel prices in British cities shows that Birmingham is the most expensive and that Glasgow offers relatively good value.

The average overnight stay in Moscow costs GBP 125 and is often more expensive than the average rate in other world metropolises. Only New York comes close to Moscow with an average rate of GBP 122.

In Tokyo and Sydney a similar night in a single room costs around GBP 70. Compared with the Russian capital this represents a price difference of almost 80%. Moscow is expensive but Warsaw (at GBP 66 per night) confirms the general belief that hotels in Eastern Europe are comparatively cheap. Scandinavia has certainly earned its reputation for high prices as Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki are amongst the ten most expensive cities in the world. As may be expected Zurich in Switzerland is also amongst the top ten. In Paris, Rome and Madrid a bed costs an average of GBP 73 for a night in a 3-star hotel.

In a comparison of British cities with more than 220,000 inhabitants Birmingham comes out the most expensive, although still GBP 45 cheaper than Moscow. From the point of view of attractive prices, England’s second largest city with GBP 80 shows a poor comparison with Edinburgh (GBP 76), Leicester (GBP 75), Liverpool (GBP 73), Kingston upon Hull and Leeds (GBP 70 each). London comes a close second with GBP 79. Surprisingly a night in the largest Scottish city, Glasgow, costs on average GBP 61 in a 3-star hotel – almost GBP 15 less than in the Scottish capital Edinburgh.

Source: Price Index compiled from all bookings made in the first quarter of 2008 by customers of and TravelRes in the 3-star category. The statistical basis used is the price for one overnight stay in a single room without breakfast. In order to remove currency fluctuation, prices relate to the average exchange rate in the first quarter of 2008 (1 GBP = 1.3 EUR). Top 25 globally:
1. Moscow: GBP 125
2. New York: GBP 122
3. Chicago: GBP 99
4. Copenhagen: GBP 94
5. Oslo: GBP 91
6. Stockholm: GBP 89
7. Helsinki: GBP 84
8. Zurich: GBP 80
9. Paris: GBP 79
10. London: GBP 79
11. Rome: GBP 77
12. Barcelona: GBP 76
13. Miami: GBP 73
14. Sydney: GBP 70
15. Milan: GBP 68
16. Tokyo: GBP 68
17. Warsaw: GBP 66
18. St. Petersburg: GBP 66
19. Madrid: GBP 64
20. Los Angeles: GBP 62
21. Dubai: GBP 61
22. Toronto: GBP 60
23. Yokohama: GBP 59
24. Vienna: GBP 57
25. Singapore: GBP 57 Top 15 in Great Britain:
1. Birmingham: GBP 80
2. London: GBP 79
3. Edinburgh: GBP 76
4. Leicester: GBP 74
5. Liverpool: GBP73
6. Kingston upon Hull: GBP 70
7. Leeds: GBP 70
8. Southhampton: GBP 70
9. Sheffield: GBP 68
10. Manchester: GBP 67
11. Bristol: GBP 63
12. Glasgow: GBP 61
13. Coventry: GBP 61
14. Wolverhampton: GBP 60
15. Plymouth: GBP 60
-------------------------------------------------------- AG with its international brands and TravelRes runs a free of charge hotel reservation service for companies and private users on,,,,, and The company offers 210,000 hotels worldwide to be booked online. Since January 2007, has also been offering conferences. Therefore, the company had taken over the conference data base, the online booking tool and the customer base of intergerma Marketing GmbH & Co. KG. Compared to other booking channels, customers benefit from considerable cost savings (for business customers up to 40%). Additionally, all available rates for every single hotel are always displayed (e.g. promotional rates, corporate or weekend rates), so that the customer can choose the lowest or best-fitting rate. Another major advantage of is the fact that booking confirmations are sent right into the hotel’s computer - making a reservation fast, safe and reliable. This is enabled by’ unique integration of the hotels' central reservation systems (so-called CRS) under one consistent user surface. Well-known companies, such as Procter & Gamble, SAP AG, Texas Instruments Inc. And Ernst & Young AG already use the corporate application.


TravelRes is the international brand of AG. This brand was established in 2006 for pushing ahead its expansion into the European countries. In this context the company has also reserved all relevant country domains. For supporting customer and hotel acquisition has already set up offices in London, Paris and Barcelona, to be followed by other important countries. The strong customer loyalty and the high ratio of business customers facilitate´s entry into the new markets as many foreign-based subsidiaries or parent enterprises of German companies contracted by already have been using TravelRes since its activation. Therefore this clientele are the first potential customers. The aim is to establish TravelRes as the leading online hotel reservation service for business customers in the foreign markets mentioned and – step by step – in Europe as a whole.

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