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INFORMASI PERS announces number of bookings for the first quarter of 2007

• For the first time generates more than 16,000 room nights on one day
• Strong growth in the first 3 months of 2007

Nuremberg, 19th April 2007 –, one of the leading global hotel reservation services, was able to increase its booking volume by 52.2% to Euro 75.2 million (previous year: Euro 49.4 million) in the first quarter. Within the same period the number of bookings rose by 36.7% totalling 820,000 room nights.

The booking volume is a good indicator for the future business development as it implicates the expected turnover of commission revenues. “The figures do not only prove our strong growth but also show our successful expansion into the corporate hotel booking market, which we - in addition to continuously serving the leisure business – address at full speed and power. Business customers are very interesting for us, since they book more often and prefer higher class hotels compared to leisure travellers,“ explained Dr. Heinz Raufer, CEO of AG.

International success

International sales also show a pleasant progress. The international booking volume rose by 81.5% totalling Euro 32.3 million (previous year: Euro 17.8 million). The set up of branches in France and UK has also essentially contributed to that success. Therewith generates about 43% of its turnover abroad.

New booking record

The good development in the first three months seems to continue in the second quarter. On April 17th 2007, was able to generate more than 16,000 room nights on that very day accompanied by a top booking volume of Euro 1.4 million.

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