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הודעות לעיתונות

הודעות לעיתונות

GfK-Study Shows: Most Popular German Hotel Reservation Service

Nürnberg, May, 27-2005 - The current study by the GfK, "Online Shopping Survey 2005", is being quoted online at (see May, 26-2005). This market analysis unveals that an increasing number of internet users utilize and recommend when the issue is hotel reservation.

When asked which service he or she would recommend to a friend who has not yet shopped or ordered via the internet, 8% of the 1.388 interviewees first stated Being a non-specialized service was mentioned by 9.1%.

With this result is proven first compared to both other hotel reservation services as well as alternative channels, such as city sites and websites of all major travel operators.

The top 5 at a glance: 9.1 % 8.0 % 7.5 %
search engines (general) 5.1 % 4.7 %

--------------------------------------------------------------------- is a leading online hotel reservation service. Via its customers can book about 180,000 hotels and hotel packages worldwide at discount room rates. Hotels benefit from as an additional high coverage sales channel distributing their offers and specials to the right target groups. is the only hotel reservation service to unite all major central hotel booking engines (such as Pegasus, WorldRes, Trust) as well as its own reservation system myRES under one user interface. The specific advantage is that all room contingents and rates of these systems will be checked for real-time availability and accuracy. The best rate of an individual hotel will be displayed for all customers to book the lowest rate available in nearly all locations and at any time. The numerous hotel package offers designed especially for customers are also unique in character. is operated by the German company AG and has offices in both Hamm and Nuremberg. Between April 1998 and October 2001, was a joint venture between Atrada Trading Network AG and the hotel marketing company Intergerma GmbH & Co. Established as an independent company in 2001, ever since has been successfully extending its online content and is today a leading hotel reservation service.
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