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הודעות לעיתונות to continue its internationalization with

Nürnberg, June-2-2004 – With and AG is already operating a free-of-charge online hotel reservation service for business and leisure customers. By launching the hotel broker now also meets the requirements of the Swiss customers.

Next to the classical reservation service for worldwide 130.000 hotels - bookable at discount rates - under one can now find a comprehensive range of package offers for Swiss destinations, e.g. wellness packages, city trip as well as event- and short trip offers.

In comparison with other booking channels – being a broker – offers benefits for both the participating hotels and the booking customer. Hotels considerably save in distribution costs as each hotels pays an 8% booking commission to only. Additionally hotels can increase their utilization. The booking customer on the other hand profits by lowest hotel rates offered by based on its high booking volume. Moreover both sides save a tremendous amount of time by easily managing contingents resp. by quickly booking 130.000 Hotels worldwide with a few mouse clicks only. is a co-operational project between the Switzerland-based internet provider VADIAN.NET AG and the AG

------------------------------------------------ AG: is a leading, internet-based hotel reservation service. Via customers can book or enquire about 130.000 hotels worldwide as well as book hotel package offers very easily and quickly at discount room rates. Hotels benefit from as an additional sales channel distributing their offers and specials to the right target group and with high coverage. is the only hotel reservation service integrating all major central hotel booking engines (such as Pegasus, Worldres, Trust, HRN) as well as its own reservation system ARS (Advanced Reservation System) under one user interface. For customers, the specific advantage of this integration is that all room contingents and rates of the above-mentioned systems will be checked upon availability. The best rate of an individual hotel will be displayed, thus putting the customer into a position to book the lowest rate available in nearly all locations and at any time. The numerous hotel package offers designed especially for customers are also of unique character. is operated by the German company AG and has offices in both Hamm and Nuremberg. Between April 1998 and October 2001, was a joint venture between Atrada Trading Network AG and the hotel marketeer Intergerma GmbH & Co. Established as an independent company in 2001, has been extending its online content very successfully eversince and is today a leading hotel reservation service.
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