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Informaţii de presă Value for Money Index 2008 reveals surprises

- Hotel guests have voted hotels in Tokyo in first place
- Major cities such as London, Moscow and New York have slipped back
- The price performance of British hotels is only partially competitive by international standards; Bournemouth is the top British destination.

London, 5 February 2009 - "Was your hotel room worth the price paid?" This is the question currently being investigated by, the free online hotel reservation service for 210,000 hotels worldwide. is analysing the 600,000 hotel ratings of booking customers from around the world in terms of the price performance of 3 and 4 star hotels. The Value for Money Index as at the end of 2008 reveals the following, sometimes surprising results: guests consider that hotels in Tokyo, Japan, represent the best value for money on the world stage. Major cities such as New York, Moscow and London are disappointing in contrast, not even making it into the top 20. A comparison of British destinations reveals Bournemouth as the best.

Equally notable is the fact that none of the international capitals in the top listing achieved scores of 8 or more out of a possible 10 points. The top score in the international ranking was 7.84 points (Tokyo), with Lisbon (7.71) and Prague (7.66) occupying positions 2 and 3 respectively. London, meanwhile, has to be satisfied with a weak rating of 5.84, and has not made it into the top city listings.

Elsewhere in Britain, the Value for Money Index contains some rather unexpected results: whilst the surprise winner, Bournemouth, beat Southampton, Portsmouth and Bristol to the top spot with a score of 8.21, Manchester, Birmingham and London put in a below average performance, being in the bottom third of the national ranking. Obviously the hotels in these destinations are offering below average value for money.

Overall, hotels in major British cities fared only moderately well by international standards with regard to offering value for money. In comparison with the 7.42 average score for the major cities from all of the countries represented in the study (including Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, the USA and China), the British result, with a value for money index rating of just 6.50, is significantly below average.

Source: Value for Money index. The hotel reservation service regularly compares guest reviews of the value for money provided by 3 and 4 star hotels for the purposes of this index. asks the question "How happy are you with the service you received in relation to the money you paid?" Guests contributed their rating of value for money using a points based system (from 0 to 10). customer reviews now number approximately 600,000, with more than 1,000 new reviews being added every day. Global Top 20 (major cities):

1. Tokyo 7.84
2. Lisbon 7.71
3. Prague 7.66
4. Berlin 7.60
5. Beijing 7.35
6. Warsaw 7.33
7. Ottawa 7.29
8. Athens 7.24
9. Istanbul 7.14
10. Dublin 7.13
11. Madrid 7.09
12. Zagreb 7.07
13. Singapore 7.00
14. Paris 6.96
15. Bangkok 6.91
16. Amsterdam 6.68
17. Washington 6.52
18. Rome 6.49
19. Rio de Janeiro 6.33
20. Stockholm 5.86 UK Top 15:

1. Bournemouth 8.21
2. Southampton 8.09
3. Portsmouth 7.50
4. Bristol 6.84
5. Glasgow 6.60
6. Liverpool 6.53
7. Edinburgh 6.45
8. Oxford 6.25
9. Manchester 6.23
10. Nottingham 6.18
11. Birmingham 6.07
12. London 5.84
13. Cardiff 5.83
14. Coventry 5.72
15. Brighton 4.96

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is a free hotel reservations service for corporate and private customers. The service offers approximately 210,000 hotels for electronic bookings around the world. Customers booking via achieve significantly better prices in comparison with other booking channels. In addition, shows all available room prices for each hotel, so that the customer can always select the cheapest or most suitable room price. All bookings via are transferred simultaneously, securely and directly to the respective hotel’s computer. This guarantees the unique integration of each hotel’s own reservation systems (CRS or PMS) and’s own reservation system myRES into the unified user interface.

At , customers seeking hotel rooms can base their decisions to book a room not only on the core information such as room price and hotel facilities, but also on the hotel reviews and ratings submitted by hundreds of thousands of hotel guests from around the world. Compared with existing rating portals, customers can rely on 100% genuine hotel ratings, since only customers who have booked and recently stayed in each hotel are asked for their opinion. Once a customer has selected an offer, the hotel is presented for direct online booking at attractive conditions, in line with the "Check & Book" claim. is the international brand of AG. This brand was created to further drive expansion within Europe. The aim is to establish in foreign markets and then successively throughout Europe as the leading reservation service for corporate and private customers.

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