Investor Relations

Risk Management

At AG, opportunity management and risk management are integrated into the company’s ongoing decision-making, supervision and controlling processes.. We see risks as including both those events which could impact negatively on the company’s future performance and any failure to seize or inadequate exploitation of positive development opportunities. The objective of the opportunity and risk management system is to identify, evaluate and manage the risks involved in our business activities at an early stage.

Risk management lies within the direct responsibility of the company’s CFO. Managers with decision-making powers are informed on an ad-hoc basis of any major risks arising at short notice, thus enabling them to introduce suitable measures without delay. Effective risk management requires early risk detection and transparency.’s corporate culture and organisational structure are transparent, open and characterised by short decision-making and reaction times.

A detailed description of risk management at AG, as well as of the company’s overall risk situation, can be found in the risk report section of our latest Annual Report.
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