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XML interface
Do you still have any questions?
Do you want to integrate HOTEL INFO in a way that is tailored to your own requirements and wishes?

Here you should use our XML SOAP interface. The raw information supplied through this interface can then be integrated into your own layout.

For more information, please contact our Affiliate Team after registration. Please tell us your HotelAgentNr and the name of the website on which you wish to integrate the data.


The FreeHotelWebService is a free XML SOAP interface that allows you to connect directly to the HOTEL INFO hotel search facility. Users of this service simply have to register as an Affiliate with HOTEL INFO.

To use this hotel search facility, you must implement your own user interface (UI). Users then use this UI to query and retrieve all the relevant data through the web application interface. This means that the HOTEL INFO hotel search facility can easily be integrated into existing applications.

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