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Possibilities and examples for Affiliates

From simple to complex - we offer you many flexible variations

Read here how you can best integrate hotelinfo in your website.

Easy yet effective integration of hotelinfo- with text links
Text links are easy to integrate and are nonetheless extremely effective. In this way you can draw attention to the offer of hotelinfo using a simple text extract.

Examples of types of links

Link to the hotelinfo homepage within the text:
  1. We will certainly be able to help you to find a hotel in Berlin.

Linking through key words
  1. With an arrow behind:
    Find your hotel!

  2. Without an arrow behind:
    Are you looking for a hotel?

Example for content linking

You can also choose whether you wish to have a general link to the homepage of hotelinfo or whether you wish to pre-set the search for your customers.
  1. Hotels worldwide

  2. Search for hotels in Berlin

  3. Search for a particular hotel (The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin) during a period of time (23/08/12 - 24/08/12): THE hotel in Berlin

Graphics - quickly and easily integrated
hotelinfo offers you the graphic integration of advertising materials and a wide range of ready-made such items.

Further possibilities for graphic integration are individual search masks that you can include in your website. hotelinfo also offers special landing pages suitable for the theme of your website. Please contact us directly for this.


Type of integrationOnline exampleVisualised examples
Integrated bannershttp://www.reisepaper.deReisepaper
Your own advertisng material created using the Banner Tool
Individually created search masks offered by hotelinfo Nürnberg
Individual search mask with a special landing page (here: pet friendly hotels)Ein Herz für TiereEin Herz für Tiere

White label - the neutral form of integration
With our white label integration you can adapt both the hotel search mask and the search result to the look and feel of your website - also without the hotelinfo logo. Please contact us directly for this.


White label

Integration tailor-made to your wishes - thanks to the XML interface
With our XML interface you have access to all the raw data in our databank and can integrate this in your website.
The completed integration looks like this: XML integration


Mobile integration - integrate hotelinfo for mobile communication
The offer from hotelinfo is also available for mobile equipment As a Partner you can benefit from this and incorporate us in your mobile web area.

Star rating are based on a self-evaluation by the hotel as well as the experiences of HOTEL INFO and HOTEL INFO customers. You can find details under Terms and Conditions.