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Data protection

How does hotel info use your data?

1. Anonymous use of the booking service and registration option

    You can generally access our booking service without providing any personal information - it is possible to view the hotel offers anonymously. This means that you can obtain prices and view hotel descriptions without registering or logging in. However, to successfully complete a booking, your contact details are required. When you register, you will have the option to save your contact details; if you choose not to do so, your details must be re-entered for each new booking. Your contact and booking details can be viewed at any time, and you can manage your bookings, e.g. to make a cancellation. You may also amend or update your contact details at any time. Furthermore, you can store additional information, such as the invoicing address. It is still possible to make a booking without registering, but you will not be able to access the additional options described.

2. Data collection and use during the hotel search and booking process

    When a booking is made, the following information will be saved: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, booking details (hotel, location, arrival and departure dates) as well as any "additional information for the hotel" that is entered. When booking using a credit card, the credit card number, cardholder name and expiry date will also be saved. In addition, the time of booking and the IP address from which the booking was made will be recorded.
    Your details are used to coordinate, carry out and invoice a booking. On making the booking, a contract for the arrangement of the booking is made. The provider uses this information to execute the contract.
    When a booking has been made successfully, you will receive a booking confirmation e-mail from the provider. You will also always receive a confirmation e-mail from us if you make any changes to your booking or personal details. After your departure, you will receive an automated request to review the hotel you visited.
    If you give the names and contact details of other travellers, this data will be used in the same way. Please ensure that you have permission to use the contact details of other travellers for this purpose.
    We will also use your booking details (last name, first name, e-mail address and booking number) to send you an e-mail request to rate our website. You have the right to opt out of subsequent use of your data for this purpose at any time.

3. Additional data collection via app

    When searching for hotels using the hotel info mobile application (app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.), you can also request search results for your current location to be displayed. To do this, you must give the provider your current location. This is only transferred when the corresponding search function is used. The information is only used to determine the most appropriate search results. Location information is not stored by the provider or used in any other way.

4. Data collection and processing for applications via the application portal

    When you apply online via the website’s application portal, various personal and contact details will be gathered. This includes your form of address, title, first name and last name, as well as your address, e-mail and telephone number and all attached application documents (uploads).
    This data is used solely for the purpose of processing applications within hotel info. The persons responsible for the respective position and the relevant colleagues in the Human Resources department of hotel info have access to the data. Data will not be forwarded to other persons or to third parties unless you have expressly agreed to your data being forwarded.
    Data is transmitted via SSL (secure socket layer) and the data is saved on hotel info systems with enhanced protection.
    If your application is successful, your data will be transferred to the personnel files. Otherwise, your data will be saved for six months after the rejection/end of the application period, unless you expressly agree to an extended retention period. Your contact details and the reason for rejection will be saved in the personnel department files and this information will be used in any future applications.

5. Transfer of data to third parties

    When a booking is made, your chosen hotel will be sent your contact details, booking information and, if appropriate, your credit card details (only for bookings made using a credit card), as well as any "additional information for the hotel" that you entered.
    Apart from the relevant hotel, no other third party receives any data, except in the event of a specific legal obligation. In the event of a criminal investigation, such as if it is suspected that a crime has been committed, all necessary data will be passed on to the authorities.
    hotel info will not pass your details to other hotels and does not sell addresses. Respectful handling of your personal details is an integral part of the business philosophy of hotel info.
    Service providers who process personal data on behalf of hotel info are contractually obliged to observe the Federal Data Protection laws and are not considered third parties under data protection legislation.

6. Use of data in prize draws

    To take part in hotel info prize draws, e.g. to win a hotel stay, you must log in or register. The details stored are then used to inform you if you are a winner, and to ensure that each customer only can only enter the same competition once. Once the winner has been drawn, the prize draw partner is notified by e-mail.
    The details of the winner (name, address) are sent to the relevant hotel so that the winner can be authenticated. The hotel is instructed that this data is to be used only for the purposes of redeeming the voucher and that no further use is permitted.
    In individual cases we may, at the prize draw partner's request, ask whether you agree to your data being disclosed to the partner. In such cases, you have the option to consent to the disclosure of data by submitting a separate declaration.

7. Use of data for sending newsletters

    If you have made a booking, the agent will use the email address you provided in this booking in order to inform you about special hotel offers, discounts or unique benefits from partner hotels in accordance with § 7 Para. 3 of the German Act against Unfair Competition (advertising own services by means of a newsletter). If you have not made a booking, you will receive this information if you have signed up with your email address to receive the newsletter.
    You can opt out at any time. To do so, simply send an email to newsletter@hotel.infoor follow the unsubscribe link in the newsletter. Your email address will then be removed from the list of recipients.

8. Data use through integration of additional services

    The provider's website uses "cookies", which are small text files that are created on your computer and in which data is stored to enable recognition. Cookies are set during login/registration in order to authenticate the user during his active session. You can delete cookies from your computer at any time and can also use the website without them.
    The provider's website includes various add-ons (plug-ins, page content from other providers) for additional options. When web pages are accessed, a connection to the relevant provider is automatically established and this provider receives details of the user, such as domain name, access date, http response code, website requesting connection, data volumes and IP addresses or parts thereof. No personal data is accessed.
    The following plug-ins are included:
    AddThis (recommendation):
    AddThis (Clearspring Technologies, Inc., 8000 Westpark Drive, Suite 625 McLean, VA 22102, USA) uses data to allow you to recommend websites accessed (e.g. on Twitter) or to save bookmarks (e.g. with Google). When making recommendations or saving favourites, this information is saved and your recommendation/favourite is passed on to your chosen provider (e.g. Twitter, Delicious, MySpace) and saved there. Data transmitted by AddThis is processed further in accordance with the privacy policy of the company.
    Further information on AddThis

9. Data use for website analysis (usage analysis)

    The provider analyses visitors' user behaviour in pseudonymised form in order to determine demand for content and improve the range on offer. To do so, pseudonymous or anonymous details of users (including IP addresses) and user behaviour are recorded and used by the respective service provider. The provider uses the following methods:
    Google Analytics:
    Google Analytics, a website analysis service of Google Inc. ("Google"), compiles anonymous statistics on the usage of the provider's website as well as anonymous reports on website activity, and analyses the type and extent of website usage. The IP address is transmitted in a shortened form so that this data also remains anonymous. The data is stored in the USA: Google observes the data protection provisions of the US Safe Harbor agreement and is registered with the US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor programme.
    Further information on Google website statistics
    Webtrekk GmbH (Berlin) records pseudonymised and anonymised details about users such as browser type/version (e.g. Internet Explorer 7.0), browser language (e.g. German), operating system (e.g. Windows XP), internal resolution of the browser window, screen resolution, JavaScript activation, Java on/off, cookies on/off, colour depth, IP address and details of user behaviour such as clicks, time of access, duration, number and sequence of page views, referrer URL (the page visited previously) and options selected, as well as the fact that data was entered. From this information, Webtrekk creates anonymised and pseudonymised analyses of users and the page content used, as well as entered and cancelled search requests, exclusively for the provider. The data is stored at Webtrekk for six months. If you are logged in to the provider's site during page views, an anonymised customer number is also recorded so that the usage data can be linked to earlier use to create an overall usage profile. The usage data is then evaluated anonymously by the provider with other features (e.g. gender or location).
    Mouseflow collects information about the browser (type, version, screen size, etc.), basic information about the user (IP address, language, time zone) and data containing mouse movements, clicks, scroll events and keystrokes are sent to Mouseflow. No personal data is sent, and no data is ever shared between websites. The script does not use third-party cookies. No data is shared with third parties, except for highly summarized data gathered across all Mouseflow accounts, e.g. usage share of browsers, average screen size, etc. Keystrokes from password fields and fields marked as “sensitive” are never recorded or sent over the network. hotel info does not implement Mouseflow with non-public pages (ie. the booking process).

10. Right to opt out of the use of data for website analysis (§ 15 Para. 3 of the German Teleservices Act [TMG])

    You have the right to opt out of the use of your data for website analysis.

    With Google Analytics, you can deactivate data transfer to Google Analytics using an additional function for your browser (add-on). The deactivation add-on is available for download from Google. Alternatively, you can prevent data use by deactivating the Google Analytics scripts using an appropriate browser add-on (e.g. in Firefox).
    Google Analytics deactivation add-on
    You can prevent Google Analytics from collecting your data by clicking on the following link. This will set an opt-out cookie, which will prevent your data from being collected in future when you visit this website:
    Disable Google Analytics

    We also use Google Analytics to evaluate data from AdWords and the DoubleClick cookie for statistical purposes. If you do not want this, you can disable it in the Ads Settings Manager (
    With Webtrekk, you can prevent the use of your data using its opt-out cookie ("webtrekkOptOut" cookie). This opt-out applies as long as the cookie is saved on your computer. You will need to reset this cookie if it is deleted after use or if you visit the provider's pages from other computers or using other browsers. Your browser must accept cookies to be able to set the opt-out cookie.
    Setting Webtrekk opt-out cookie
    Mouseflow allows you to block its services within your browser by placing a small cookie (Cookie "mf_block"). This opt-out applies as long as the cookie is saved on your computer. You will need to reset this cookie if it is deleted after use and your browser must accept cookies to be able to set the opt-out cookie.
    Setting Mousflow opt-out cookie

11. Protection of your data

    The provider uses encryption to transfer your personal details securely. This applies to both your booking and your customer log in. The provider uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding system for this purpose. Your data cannot be read by anyone outside the company.
    Your data is stored on the servers of HOTEL DE GmbH. Our own IT security concept applies to the whole of the IT area. The servers and networks are protected from outside access by the latest IT security components. Processing of your data within the company is subject to the regulations of data protection. The provider has appointed an external data protection officer and his processes are subject to internal data protection regulations. These regulations specify legal requirements for the protection of personal data.
    As a user you are required to keep your personal log in details confidential and not to make these details available to unauthorised third parties. The provider accepts no liability for misused passwords unless the provider is responsible for this misuse.

12. Deleting your details

    You can delete your login details at any time. Booking data remains stored in the system of hotel info until the period of limitation has expired for all claims from the contract for the arrangement of the booking. If payment processes have taken place as a result of bookings, this data must be stored in accordance with the law until the period of limitation has expired. Thereafter, use of this data is blocked but it may be made available to auditors and the financial authorities if necessary.

13. Other rights: Cancellation, changes, information

    Unsubscribing from newsletters
    You can revoke your consent for the use of your e-mail address during dispatch of the newsletter at any time. This can be done in various ways:
    1. An unsubscribe link can be found in every newsletter. If you click on this link, you will be removed from the newsletter recipient list.

    2. If you are registered, you can manage your subscription yourself under the "Newsletter" menu item in the footer after logging in.

    3. Finally, you can inform hotel info of your wish to cancel by sending a simple message. Your data is then blocked. Simply send an informal cancellation to:

      HOTEL DE GmbH
      Hugo-Junkers-Straße 15–17
      90411 Nuremberg, Germany
      Fax +49 911 59832 11
      or e-mail
    Please ensure that you include the correct e-mail address so that we can process the termination of your subscription.

    Changing your details
    On registering, you receive password-protected direct access to your data. In the "My hotel info" area, you can manage your personal details and newsletter subscriptions.

    Right to information
    In accordance with data protection laws, you have the right to request information about the data stored on you at any time. You also have the right to be informed about the blocking or deletion of said data. Please address any questions on collection, processing or use of your personal data, information, rights, blocking or deletion to:
    Hugo-Junkers-Straße 15–17
    90411 Nuremberg, Germany
    Fax +49 911 59832 11
    or e-mail

    Data protection officer contact
    In addition, you can contact our data protection officer confidentially at any time if you have questions or complaints regarding the handling of your data:
    Mr Marco Biewald
Version of 29.09.2015
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